Southern CA Wedding

2003 November

Southern California Wedding (1 Year Anniversary)

Approximately one year after Em and I tied the knot in Scotland we decided to do it again, but this time at her parents house in Southern California. Unlike the original ceremony, which was legally binding, this one was for show only although I wore a tuxedo and Emily finally had the chance to wear the wedding dress she bought in Paris over one year ago.

The day began with Estella styling Em's hair and then we went to the park with our brothers (Will and Raymond) for photos. Back at the house Donald, Emily's uncle, performed a simple yet moving ceremony which brought us to tears on several occasions. Finally, we all ended up 888 Seafood for a Chinese lunch banquet.

The professional photographer had us do this pose and about 100 more that were equally silly. If you want to see them we have an entire photo album that is full of similar pictures.

And while the photographer was reloading his film and selecting the next silly pose my brother had his digital camera out and caught the more impromptu shots. On the way to the restaurant he edited the pictures and made CD's.

From the left we have Raymond, Emily, Casey and Will. What a happy and attractive group.

After the ceremony we had a group photo. In the very back, from the left are Bill and Ray. In the middle row are: Frank, Elsie, Will, Tim, Niki, Emily, Casey, Julia, Merle, Wilson, Donald, Annie, Jenny, Mr. Su, Mrs. Su, Paul, and Joyce. Kneeling in the front, from the left are Peter, Uncle Bob, and Amy.