Arsha's Wedding

2000 June

Arsha's Wedding

Arsha, my roommate at Cloyne and best friend from Berkeley met his wife, Danielle, while getting his masters at Cornell. They took time out of medical school to get married at her parent’s lovely house in Bath, North Carolina in June of 2000. I used Priceline to get a ticket for $216! Upon arriving at Raleigh-Durham airport I rented a car and drove into the night to Bath. I couldn’t find the house so in the wee hours of the morning I pitched my tent and slept in a field until the sun rose. The wedding was wonderful, very personal. Arsha’s friends from high school, Brandon and Jimmy, kept me in stitches the whole time.

All of the young friends (Arsha’s and Danielle’s friends) stayed at the house after the wedding. Arsha and Danielle wrote thank you cards and prepared for their honeymoon-backpacking trip through Europe but still found time to take us wakeboarding and canoeing. I left early the next morning and drove from the bottom to the top of the Outer Banks on my way back to the airport. Included in this very long drive was a trip on a ferry, a visit to the newly move Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, and my first dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

Photo of the photographer photographing Danielle, Arsha and his mother’s side of the family.

Danielle unties the Boston Whaler in front of her parent’s house on the Pamlico Sound, North Carolina.

Wakeboarding for the first time! My natural stance has my right foot forward, but this board was not set up that way, so I had to learn backwards. That Boston Waler can really go!

Somewhere along the Outer Banks of North Carolina I made my first venture into the Atlantic Ocean.