2009 Jul-Aug-Sep

2009 July-August September

Life with PJ

5 July 2009: 19 Months

PJ spent the four days leading up to his 19-month birthday in the Santa Cruz Mountains with his grandparents. Mom and Dad were also there, celebrating and re-adjusting to life after two very stressful months leading up to our KMAC presentation on Tuesday, June 30th at 7 pm.

PJ’s milestones from the past month include walking up curbs without holding anything and a whopping 4.5 hour nap in June. Unfortunately, on his birthday no less, we discovered he had a swollen an infected finger. Trips to the Santa Cruz urgent care facilities and hospitals proved futile, so we deferred care until we were back up in the Bay Area since it wasn’t bothering him. The next day the swelling had gone down so we didn’t need to take him to see Dr. Lang.

Mommy and Daddy look on as PJ enjoys his first rootbeer float. Actually, it was Mommy’s float.

Below are four photos of PJ and the bear.

Nine photos of PJ at Grandma and Grandpa's making faces and playing with scoobie.

Below are eight photos of PJ in and around his summer house in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Below are five photos of PJ, grandma and grandpa at PJ’s sandbox just outside his summer house in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Below are four photos of PJ, 2 just before his nap and 2 on his trike.

5 August 2009: 20 Months

A few days ago Em, PJ, Will (up from Santa Barbara due to his obligations to the Coast Guard) and myself were headed out the door for dinner. Before we left, Em's nose detected a scent, so I changed PJ and disposed of a good sized poopie. Dinner ran a bit late, so upon arriving home, wanting to maximize PJ's naked time, I whipped off his clothes and diaper. After standing naked on the floor for 3 seconds we heard a thud and suddenly saw a large, triangular shaped piece of poop on the floor between his legs. Before I could react he stepped in it. I wrapped the poop in his diaper and set it on the coffee table while restraining the little guy to minimize fecal transfer. After washing the poop off of PJ's foot, while washing my hands in the bathroom, Em yelled. In picking up the diaper the poop had escaped (for the third time?) and landed on the coffee table.

We only have one picture this month but I don't think anyone will complain since Gong-Gong and Lau-Lau get to spend an entire week with PJ during his trip to LA.

5 September 2009: 21 Months

The highlight of August for both PJ and Mommy/Daddy was spending a glorious week in Santa Barbara with Uncle Will. Here are some of the highlights.

This is best photo taken of PJ to date. It has not been edited in any way.

Let’s do that again but this time with a shirt on.

Daddy likes to toss PJ, and PJ like to be tossed.

Will’s house up on the mesa is just a short ride from the beach. PJ didn’t like the helmet very much.

Another shot that will haunt PJ during his teenage years. Here we are walking back to Will's house from the playground on the bluff overlooking the ocean.

Mommy and PJ on the carousel down by the beach in Santa Barbara. Thus far, PJ has been on the following "round and rounds": Oakland Zoo, Tilden Park in Berkeley, Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and Santa Barbara.

PJ likes to try on shoes.

PJ and the bear at 21 months.

Towards the end of September, during his nightly bath, PJ surprised both Mommy and Daddy by clearly saying "PJ", his sixth word. Despite much coaxing, it was not repeated that night nor anytime since. His first words were:

  • 1st Word: Ma Ma
  • 2nd Word: Da Da
  • 3rd Word: Eu (Mandarin for fish)
  • 4th Word: Nun (similar to Mandarin word for light, Dun)
  • 5th Word: Woo Woo (for dog)
  • 6th Word: PJ