Joshua Tree

2019 April 1st to 5th

Joshua Tree (and Los Angeles)

From Monday afternoon until Thursday morning we wear the same clothes 24/7 and don't shower.

And it is great.

When will we be back to Joshua Tree, I don't know, but look forward to it.

To see all of our photos (over 100) click here and you will be directed to our Google Album.

For a selection of my favorite photos, see below.

"Hands and feet" climbing of the rock "islands" around the south end of the Boy Scout Trail.

Mei leads us to the Forty-nine Palms Oasis.

Following an abandoned track in Pinto Basin towards the Golden Bee Mine.

Desolate beauty. Does Mei notice the flowers?

Three nights, three campsites. All amazing but this one was special.


Hi Mom.

Squeezing through cracks.

Yucca spike: 1. Dad: 0.

You should see the other guy.

My family is fortunate I'm so fashionable.