Casey's 33rd Birthday

2008 February 10

Casey's 33rd Birthday

The birthday began on the freeway just after midnight, driving home with Will and Jill who landed in Oakland at 11:30 pm. Later, we had a late breakfast / early lunch at the Thai Temple then came home to find Ma and Pa hiding in the living room. Next we all piled in the car and took PJ for his first trip to the Little Farm then it was back to the house for cake and rest. Dinner was a huge sampler of wine, bread, meat, cheese, fruit, and olives.

Instead of taking two cars we stuck the old folks in the back. Note the faux wood floor.

We made will wear the Moby to the Little Farm.

It's well known that cows like to lick human babies.

Mom, PJ, Will, and Moby at the Little Farm.

Self timed group shot at the Little Farm on the first take.

Heading back from the Little Farm we decided to see if our car could accommodate 7 adults plus PJ by cramming three of us in the back. No problem.

Bath time!

After PJ's bath and movie we had a nice dinner.