2000 August


I flew down to the Ontario Airport where Emily picked me up and we then fought traffic along Interstate 10 towards Long Beach. The traffic won and we missed the boat to the island. However, the campsite turned out to be pretty bad so we didn’t mind staying in the cheap Long Beach motel. In fact, that night we found a great taco stand and had a wonderful dinner.

We stayed in the main Avalon area of Catalina the first day and also rented a two-man kayak. We had fun falling off of the kayak into the water and looking at the fish through swimming goggles. The next day we got up early and went on a nice hike to the top of the mountain. The fog followed us all the way up, then stopped, and stayed just ahead of us on the way down. At some point we also explored the botanical gardens and peeled “tuna” or prickly pear.

Somewhere above the “Casino” we took this picture of the bay at Avalon. Usually to get a picture this nice I have to scan postcard or pick something off of the internet.

Emily with a peeled “tuna” or prickly pear. She also appears to be storing some food in her cheeks.

Above Catalina, a sea of fog at the ridgeline. On the hike up the fog followed us and on the way back down it receded before our eyes.