2010 Apr-May-Jun

2010 April-May-June

Life with PJ

April 2010: 2 Years, 4 Months

PJ has learned to pedal his tricycle and also how to push his pee-pee inside of him. Mama isn't to pleased about the latter but Daddy is quite chuffed about both discoveries. A few other items of note, that won't mean much to anyone but us, are:

  • "Balls and Paper"
  • "Fixin the Blankie"
  • Broccoli identification at the open house
  • "Shaka" and "Rock-On"
  • "Straw" and "Berry" but not "Strawberry" that sounds more like "Chaw-pee"

PJ at the beach in Carlsbad with Lau-Lau, Yi-Lau-Lau, Super Lau-Lau, Jo-Jo and Mommy.

PJ and Daddy on the Tilden Steam Train plus learning to golf with Isabella's Daddy, Mark.

PJ and Isabella at the Children's Discovery Museum in Marin.

Drinking (with a scowl) as Super Lau-Lau looks on. Eating Gioia Pizza (cheese and anchovy) with gusto; kooky kid loves anchovies.

Sweet, sweet PJ.

Playing in the sprinkler with Daddy.

Either playing a game or watching a movie on his i-pod touch, thanks Gong-Gong.

May 2010: 2 Years, 5 Months

Two conversations between PJ and Mommy...

"Mama, Jelly Beans, Mama?"

"We don't have any."

"Buy some!"

"Mama, Cookies, Mama?"

"We don't have any."

"Make some!"

Other highlights of May include:

  • PJ sings the itsy bitsy spider song but substitutes "passer" for "spider". The first line ususally sounds like, "Itsy passer, water pout..."
  • Mommy smacked Daddy on the hand during dinner, in full view of PJ, so Mommy had a "Time-Out Two Minutes", much to the delight of PJ.
  • On the 20th, PJ made a 5.7 ounce poop and Daddy took a photo and weighed it.
  • During his bath, PJ found an "acorn" in the tub. Further investigation revealed the acorn to be a hard nugget of poop.
  • "Sour Winds" is now PJ's preferred way to refer to passing gas.
  • PJ has learned that the cap to his bubbles, which we often play with in the bath, fits nicely over his pee-pee.
  • Walking up walls, with Daddy's assistance, is a new favorite pastime.

PJ and Mommy.

PJ and Lau Lau sharing a shake at Barney's in Berkeley. Shortly after this photo was taken, PJ threw up all over the sidewalk.

Grandpa, Grandma and PJ enjoying lemonade and cookies in Felton.

At the doctor's office in Berkeley and the visitor center at Henry Cowell Redwood State Park in Felton.

Enjoying hot chocolate on two separate occasions in Santa Cruz. Note the warning on the high chair.

New shades replace the missing "Thomas" sunglasses. Elsewhere, Grandma shares PJ's new "Bill and Ted's" portable crib.

June 2010: 2 Years, 6 Months

Conversation on an airplane...

Mommy: (smelling something funny) "Did you peepee or poopoo PJ?"

PJ: (big smile) "No Mama. Made a fart. Peeyew, Peeyew, Peeyew!"

Other highlights of June include:

  • While playing in the car with Grandpa, PJ put $1.27 in change in the steering wheel. This caused the horn to sound sporadically, but mainly when the steering wheel was turned more than 90 degrees to the right. We disabled the horn by removing its fuse, then had our mechanic take apart the steering wheel and airbag get at the coins.
  • One night PJ specifically asked for pancakes and sausage for dinner. Then, during said dinner, while eating a pancake, he said clearly but no one in particular, "delicious".
  • Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess is by far my favorite book to read PJ. PJ always asks the name of the character who will not try the food, and we've started calling him "Don't Know". When "Don't Know" finally eats, and likes, the green eggs and ham, PJ has started giving me the sweetest, and unsolicited, hugs. Usually two or three.

PJ eating sardines.

Dinner expressions.

During the ride down to Grandma's and Grandpa's house, PJ threw up, so he got to wear Grandma's shirt while his clothes were washed.

Naked time is the best time!

These photos were taken by PJ (aka Beppo, aka King of the Leppo's, aka Pretty Much the Best Little Guy there Ever was) with Mama's i-phone.