2011 Apr-May-Jun

2011 April-May-June

Life with PJ and Mei Mei

  • April. For 7 days, PJ had a fever that bounced back and forth from 100 to 103 degrees F. This was not a happy time for anyone.
  • On April 14th, Mei-Mei's first tooth came in.
  • May was a big month for PJ as he was (a) potty trained, (b) moved from his "cribber" to the big bed, (c) stopped taking Miralax every day, and (d) starting taking swimming lessons. Also, for some reason known only to a 3-year-old, he bit me on my shoulder during dinner, hard enough to break the skin, but not enough to bleed. At the time of the incident, he was very happy and probably showing off for one of our dinner guests. He was not nearly so happy with the ensuing timeout. Another time during dinner, he made the following unsolicited comment: "Scrumptious!"
  • May. Mei-mei has developed quite a personality, and has discovered she has quite a set of "pipes". She says "Da-Da" now, not only frequently but also loudly and is prone to fits of laughter when Mommy says "Eew-Eew" (Chinese for fish). During dinner, if the food isn't coming fast enough, she'll let us know.
  • PJ: I hate you. Mama: Why? PJ: You always tell me what to do.
  • Sunday morning, on June 12th, PJ and I drove to Los Gatos and I dropped the little guy off with Grandma and Grandpa. He was happy to go, but that night, he decided he wanted to go home and was quite unhappy. When he finally came home on Friday he gave me the best hug ever!
  • June. While eating a plum, with an apparently sour peel, PJ noted "the peel makes my eyes feel silly." Now when he consumes sour items he often flutters his eyelids.
  • While driving to get gelato with Mama and Mei-Mei on Father's Day, PJ started talking about Graham Hill Road in Felton. He said "Graham Hill Road in under construction…they are paving it with…Graham Crackers and…Traffic Jam".
  • On June 20th PJ had his sweet, sweet, little heart broken for the first time. While playing with Riley, his 5-year-old Skytown classmate at Trader Joe's, Riley said to PJ, "STOP FOLLOWING ME". According to Mama, PJ buried his head into Mama and burst into tears.
  • June. PJ wrote to Mommy while at Sky Town. He insisted Em's name was "Sue".
  • PJ sings the "French Song". Click here for the audio file.
  • PJ sings "Yaka Mika". Click here for the audio file.

Mei-Mei after eating an ice cream cone.

PJ eating an ice cream cone.

Mei in Kat's hats. For more information about the hats go to the following link: http://www.outdoortrailgear.com/cottage-industries/mountaingoatgear/

PJ in Kat's hats.

Mei-Mei eating a mini banana and something orange (carrots, sweet potatoes?) that gave her a nice moustache and goatee.

Mei-Mei with various head coverings. Even at 7 months, she still has less hair than PJ when he was born.

Mei-Mei is looking to help PJ clean off his face.

PJ flashes his "rock on" sign while Daddy shows his true colors.

PJ inspects his sister at Aldo's at the Yacht Harbor in Santa Cruz.

Sweet, sweet babies.

From the left are Milo, Noam and Mei-Mei. Noam was born the same day as Mei-Mei at the same hospital.

PJ and his art project.

More of PJ's art.

More of PJ's art.

A blurry hug. I'm not sure why PJ appears to be "nudies".

Carrot art with the swimming "noodle".

A swimming lesson at the Canyon Pool in El Sobrante.

Mei-mei versus the banana in her car seat and a cleaned up version on the couch.

Mei-Mei with John Shannon during Mother's Day brunch at Mark and Melissa's house.

Mei-Mei gets more than she bargained for during a PJ ride.

PJ often takes great photos, such as this one. My shirt is still damp from my bike ride home from work.

Good work buddy!

Here's the letter that PJ wrote, with help from Grandma, to me during his 1-week trip to Grandma and Grandpa's.

The best photo yet with Daddy, PJ and MM.

MM in the "bumbo" chair. Where did that word come from?

Two pictures of MM on the swing for the first time.

Grandpa's letter and drawing to PJ.

PJ playing at grandma and grandpa's house.

Three pictures of PJ and his tuxedo, which he wore for his aunt's wedding, where he was the ring bearer.