Easy Raspberry Lemonade Cocktail (Spritzer)


  • bottle of Prosecco (chilled in fridge)
  • bottle of Raspberry Lemonade (chilled in fridge)
  • fresh raspberries
  • ice
  • lemon wedges or twists to garnish (optional)


Fill glass with ice. Toss in a small handful of raspberries (approx 5 or more), fill 1/3 of the glass with Prosecco and the remaining with lemonade. Add a fun paper straw, - cheers! *Adjust ratio of Prosecco and lemonade to suit your taste. For less sweetness, add more Prosecco than lemonade. 


  • Change the flavor using your favorite lemonade - regular, pink, strawberry, mixed berry and more. Garnish with a lemon wedge or twist.
  • Not a fan of bubbly cocktails?  Replace the Prosecco with shot of vodka. This is another party and summer favorite that's a cinch to make.
  • For a non-alcoholic version, replace Processo with club soda or Sprite.