What you need

  • paper (fun scrapbooking paper, computer paper - large enough to make the funnel)
  • jar or glass
  • tape
  • 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar (more or less depending on size of jar)
  • couple drops of liquid dish soap

Take the paper and roll it into a funnel using tape to secure the shape.  Make sure there is a little opening at the bottom of the funnel.  Tape all other openings closed. Pour the apple cider in the jar, then add a few drops of dish soap - stir.  Place the paper funnel in the jar, making sure it doesn't touch the vinegar mixture, then tape where the jar and paper meet (top of jar).  Place the jar where you see flies...wait....and woo hoo, so long flies!   

Tip -  When you put out the trap, move all your fruits and veggies to the fridge, cabinet or pop them in the microwave. With all the other sources gone, the fruit flies will dive right into the jar!