Classes info:

  • Classes take place every Sunday per the schedule listed below
  • Timings: 
    • Assembly: 10:00am-10:20am
    • Dharma Class: 10:25am-11:25am
    • Language Classes: 11:30am-12:25pm
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HATS Calendar 2017-2018:

About the School:

The Hindu American Temple School is the part of the educational branch of the Hindu Society of Minnesota. It organizes weekend classes at the temple covering aspects of Hindu Dharma and languages for children of ages 5-16 years. HATS follows a rigorous, age appropriate 14-year Dharma covering all the major aspects of our faith in a non-sectarian way. The curriculum is designed to enable our children to live as informed, knowledgeable and proud Hindus in the American context and enabling them to appreciate the global and universal nature of our faith. The school was started in September 2009 and currently serves approximately 200 students and their families. The school seeks to preserve and propagate the ethical, philosophical, religious, spiritual and cultural values and traditions of Hindus and Jains from generation to generation through teaching in a class-room environment.

The languages currently taught in HATS are Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu. 

HATS Dharma curriculum has been adopted or is being referred to by numerous temple schools in the US, Canada, Surinam, Guyana and even in India.