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English Literature Tasks
(LTA094 - Literatura Inglesa)
These tasks and resources are for free use by both professors and students of Anglophone Literature. 
This page is part of the production of the UESC extension project Dinamizando/Inglês. Welcome!

Prof. Isaias Carvalho                            Disclaimer  
English Literature - Project Gutemberg   

Assignments for UESC English Literature students

Task 1    Read the Course Description, the Course Plan (on the right column)Assessment, and the Bibliography of English Literature - UESC.

Task 2    Review of "An Outline of Anglophone Literature"
  Go to Questions on LiteratureBe ready for group discussion.
  Go to A few teaching/learning principlesBe ready to discuss them with your peers and the professor. Reflect upon them. Pick out one of them which is your number 1.
  Go to Some Anglophone Authors and some of their works. Use that page to subsidise your choice of author/theme/work for your focused term research and presentations.
  Go to Critical Approaches to LiteratureAnswer the questions. (optional)

Task 3    Read the information about Journal WritingOnce a month you are expected to turn in your journal writing notebook with one (or more) journal entry (ies) with at least 150 words. [3 entries throughout the course] (optional)

Task 4    Go to The beginnings (in: The Cambridge History of English and American Literature). Answer the following questions:

   1.   What peoples formed the British culture?
          Which of those peoples most influenced English Literature, as we know it? [§ 1]
   2.   What are the chief constituents of English Literature, from Old English poetry
          to the present? [§ 2]
   3.   What is the most important literary work (poem) in Old English? [§ 2]
   4.   (related to question #3) What is it mainly about? [§ 3]
   5.   What is the main theme of Old English poetry in general? [§ 3]
   6.   What is the main difference between the relationship of man with nature
          in Old English poetry and that in later literature? [§ 5]

Task 5    Beowulf
              5.1 Listen to Beowulf's Opening lines as you read lines 1-21 in Old English, and check them in the modern English version by Francis Gummere. [highlight some fragments and write a few comments and/or impressions]
              5.2 Clilck here. Read about the history of the epic poem Beowulf. Highlight main ideas/information and share them in class.
              5.3 Check some specifics of Old English writing in Beowulf. Click here.

Task 6    6.1 Read about Geoffrey Chaucer's life and works. Click here. Take notes of important information. [whole class]
              6.2 Go to the Geoffrey Chaucer page. Read the first stanza of The wife of Bath's tale. Do research on this specific tale. Take notes of important information. [whole class]
              6.3 Go to the Geoffrey Chaucer page. Read all the The wife of Bath's tale. Highlight fragments and make comments. [whole class]

Task 7   Other texts in The Canterbury Tales:

Task 8   Click on and explore the 3 links below on the Renaissance in England and elsewhere. Take note of at least 5 different relevant pieces of information (at least 1 from each link).
    (1) Luminarium   16th Century Renaissance English Literature (1485-1603)
     (2) The Norton Anthology of English Literature    The Sixteenth Century
     (3) English Renaissance    Henry VII and the Launching of the English Renaissance

Task 9    Review of "An Outline of Anglophone Literature"Go to the Shakespeare page. Randomly pick any of the links on Shakespeare. Explore it. Bring at least 3 new pieces of information that called your attention.

Task 10     Poem of the day  . (Individually or in pairs) At the beginning of each class, a student will be assigned to give a 5-minute presentation of an English poem: read it, highlight aspects of it, present a [real] very short bio of the poet etc.  

Task 11   Student counseling 

Task 12   Read "Five events that shaped the history of English". Share and discuss its main ideas in class.

Task 13   Do open research in order to define, compare and contrast:
1. British Literature
2. English Literature
3. Anglophone Literature
4. Literatures in English

Task 14   Open the attached file named Not the Queen's EnglishExplore its vocabulary and content. Answer the questionnaire that follows the report.

            Deadline to turn in final commentary (Credit 2): 
            March 31st (via e-mail) - until 11:59pm

Task 15  The Norton Anthology of English Literature     Use this source to subsidise your choice of author/theme/work for your oral presentation and/or final commentary. Another option:

Course Plan 2017.1F
Dates with assignments and notes

March 8th    Tasks 1, 2 and 11  +  Plan task 7 and Oral presentations schedule
                        + check contact info 
                        + Sylvia Plath's poem "Mirror
                                       (try a different translation to Portuguese from Cardoso's)

March 9th    Tasks 15, 4, 13, and 10  Poem of the day   [Vanessa; Vivian] 

March 10th   Tasks 5, 11 and 10  Poem of the day  
                          [Carla, Letícia and Nelma; Ramon]

March 13th   Tasks 6, 11  and 10  Poem of the day   
                          [Moniza and Juliene; Luiz; Bruna]

Read A vingança da deflorada de Bath by Solange Reimberg (a sequel to Chaucer's The wife of Bath)

March 14th  Task 7 + Lecture:
“A perspectiva interdisciplinar das literaturas africanas”

Prof. Dr. Rita de Cássia Natal Chaves (USP)

10h at Prof. Max de Menezes Auditorium, 1st floor

March 15th  Tasks 7 (finish), 8 and 10  Poem of the day   
                   [Jhonatan and Amanda; Andrea Queiroz and Rosiery; Ramon] 
               + Oral presentations by: Eliane; Jhonatan and Amanda

March 16th   Tasks 9  and 10  Poem of the day   
                   [Lucimara, Karol and Bárbara Lago; Bárbara Martins; Rebeca]
                + Oral presentations by: Clarissa, Milena and Ananda;
                             Elizabeth; Andrea Queiroz

March 17th  Tasks  11, 12, and 10  Poem of the day   
                             [Eliane and Clarissa; Daniel and Andrea Carneiro]
                         + Oral presentations by: Ramon; Luiz and Rebeca; Andrea Carneiro, Daniel, Mariana and Vivian

A reminder:
        Deadline to turn in final commentary (Credit 2): 
        March 31st (via e-mail) - until 11:59pm

                Break - YASC 2017                 

March 27th   Tasks 14 and 10  Poem of the day   [Ananda; Viviane; Amanda; Arlene]
                         + Oral presentations by: Bruna and Bárbara Martins; Vanessa;
                         Rosiery; Monize and Juliene; Amanda; Tiago and Karine

March 28th  Task 10  Poem of the day   [Elizabeth; Karina and Tiago; Milena; Mariana]
                         + Oral presentations by: Carla, Nelma, Letícia and Arlene;
                         Viviane; Lucimara, Karol and Bárbara Lago
                         Deadline: March 31st Turn in Final Commentary (via e-mail) - until 11:59pm

"Final Exam" 
(turn in all materials, papers and activities, and give an oral review of course contents)


    Anglophone Literature    

English Literature English Literature
Literatura Inglesa
An Outline of Anglophone Literatures 
Panorama das Literaturas Anglófonas

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Edgar Allan Poe                Jamaica Kincaid 
Angela Carter                      Caliban 
Peter Shaffer, Equus              Eliot talks of Eliot