An English Dialect

                                                        by Isaías Carvalho

If you read the “sentences” below with a relatively accurate pronunciation and intonation in English, you will have Portuguese sentences with a foreign accent.

1)     Ell tea a moo

2)     So low coal pour tea, America

3)     Pair to d mean, ooh pro fair sore noun ten cow ma

4)     Pour career! Noun far lea con me go!

5)     Sue uh boon the is tar grand d

6)     Pre see zoo the fuck car par uh court tar ooh bowl low

7)     For the! Ass per so ass noun coal men Ben

8)     Tomato do ooh sue coal

9)     Noun me salty! Paw so more her

10) Boss tar! Sigh uh the key!

11) To do is tar sir to

12) Vow say paw d veer e coal merge to do

13) Fuck cool dug deed deed d ray to

14) Moody ooh disc cool

15) Steve uh key e noun keys fee car. Pour rain, TV d sue pour tar uh see two a sound

16) Noun goes to d far oh far e four four car

17) Noun paw so to see e is too far Al long go do come Paul d football. Pre sea zoo door me



18) Ooh many no fish she she e coal coal no car ho

19) Ooh an in mall sees coal no car pet tea

20) Ooh be god deed d Pedro noun Chris sill

21) Is toe food deed do

22) Is toe fourteen

23) Noun jog e lee issue uh key

24) Vow say care me dug won ball cat?

25) Noun care oh in seen are per so ass trees teas

26) Ell doe far seal

27) Is toe no seal

28) On ten, Patricia can toe no clue be

29) Mary boat toe ooh car show ho no car ho

30) Ooh lay tea is tar can tea d my is

31) What are you pen soak to do sir year bone

32) Ooh seen oh toe coal bass tan tea on ten

33) Ooh green go fee coal done ado com ooh sir v so

34) Vein com me go

35) Ooh Paul lee sea Al fish oh ooh omen

36) I love a sea food dish!

37) My pay day was a week ago.