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Projeto de Extensão Dinamizando o Ensino da Língua Inglesa na UESC

Coordenação geral: Prof. Dr. Isaias Francisco de Carvalho



Projeto de Iniciação à Docência:

O Uso da Internet no Processo de Ensino-Aprendizagem da Língua Inglesa e de Literaturas de Língua Inglesa

Coordenador: Professor Dr. Isaías Francisco de Carvalho

Monitores: Joel Gomes Silva Neto / Matheus Xavier Almeida

Quiz 18



A-   Mark the option that best completes each question. (SO, TOO, NEITHER, EITHER, BUT)

  1. I’m learning English ___________________.

a)    and so are Kelly and Jeremmy   

b)    and so does Jeremmy       

c)    but Kelly doesn’t

2. I didn’t watch any films last week, ___________________.

a)    and Carla does.

b)    and Carla do.

c)    neither did Carla.

3. He has never been to England, _____________________.

a)    and neither have I.

b)    and have I neither.            

c)    neither do I.

4. Mary can’t go to Salvador.________________________.

a)    Can’t I neither.

b)    Neither can I.

c)    Neither do I.

5. I don’t go to the cinema frequently. _____________________.

a)    Either do Marta and Peter.

b)    Marta and Peter don’t either.

c)    Marta and Peter don’t neither.

6. Jack’s mother is a teacher. Paulo’s father____________________.

a)    does too

b)    either is.

c)    is too.


B-   Use the correct preposition: at, in, to or on.

1.    Marcos is probably____ the station now.

2.    She is ______ bed studying for the exam.

3.    They are ______ home waiting for you.

4.    I drove to work, but I came home _____ foot.

5.    We’re going ______ Spain next year.

6.    My vacation is ______ July.

7.    Helen is studying law ______ college.

8.    I’m sorry! I’m late. My car broke down ______ the way here.

9.    There’s a small table ______ the middle of the room.

10. I didn’t go _____ São Paulo last month.

11. Don’t believe everything you see _____ newspaper!

12. Goodbye! See you _____ Friday.

13. I got up ______ 8 o’clock this morning.

14. Do you work _______ Saturdays?

15. Deyse and I first met _______1979.

16. Julia’s birthday is _______ January.

17. I like to look at the stars ______ night.

18. I’m starting my new job _______ 3 July.

19. George isn’t here _______ the moment.

20. We often go to the beach _______ the summer.



C-   Complete the text with the following prepositions: in, at, to or from.


The Prophecy


                  People who live 1     in     California have every reason to be afraid of earthquakes. No one has ever forgotten the great quake that destroyed San Francisco ______ 1906. 3_____ May, 1988, the people of Los Angeles panicked. According to a prophecy made 4______ the 16th century by a prophet called Nostradamus, the city would be destroyed early 5______ 1988. During the panic, parents didn’t send their children 6_______ school and people didn’t go 7______ work. No one stayed 8________ home, either. The airlines did great business carrying people who led 9_______ their ‘doomed city’. Which is more puzzling: how Nostradamus knew that a city which didn’t exist 10_______ his time would be destroyed 11_______ the 20th century, or the behaviour of the people who believed ‘the prophecy’?




D-   Put in during/while/for.

1.    We didn’t speak ______ we were eating.

2.    We didn’t speak ______ the meal.

3.    George phoned _______ you were at university.

4.    I stayed in Rome _______ five days.

5.    The students looked very bored _______ the lesson.

6.    I don’t usually watch TV ________ the day.


E-   Read the information about these people and complete the sentences. Use from…to / until / since.


ALEX: I live in England now. I lived in Canada before. I came to England in 1990.

ALICE: I Live in Brazil now. I lived in France before. I came to Brazil in 1991.

CAROL: I work in a restaurant now. I worked in a hotel before. I started work in the restaurant in 1993.

HENRY: I’m a salesman now. I was a teacher before. I started work as a salesman in 1989.


  1. (Alex / Canada / 1982-1990)        Alex lived in Canada from 1982 to 1990.
  2. (Alex / Canada / →1990)               Alex lived in Canada _________________________________1990.
  3. (Alex / England / 1990 →)             Alex has lived in England __________________________________.
  4. (Alice / France / →1991)               Alice lived in ___________________________________________.
  5. (Alice / Brazil / 1991→)                  Alice has lived in ________________________________________.
  6. (Carol / a hotel / 1990-1993)         Carol worked ___________________ 1990 ___________________.
  7. (Carol / a restaurant / 1990→)      Carol has worked ________________________________________.
  8. (Henry / a teacher / 1983-1989)   Henry was a ____________________________________________.
  9.  (Henry / a salesman / 1989→)    Henry has been __________________________________________.


F-   Put in about, according to, across, after, at, away, because, before, behind, in front of, on.


A Good Year for a Left Ear


                  My friend Jonathan, who lives 1    across    the road, develops and prints films. 2______________ Jonathan most of us take awful pictures. Usually, we fail to aim 3______ the subject so that the subject is not even in the picture. Sometimes the subject is too far 4________; sometimes too near. Some photos are spoilt because the sun is 5_________ us, when of course, it should always be 6__________ us. Some of us take blank pictures 7________ we take the lens cover off 8_________ we have taken our shots. We take most of our pictures when we are on holiday and like to catch our friends when they are fooling 9 ________. It’s a pity we don’t practice using our cameras 10_________ we go on holiday. A good book 11________ photography would make us better 12_________ taking pictures, but most of us are too lazy to bother. I asked Jonathan what was the worst film he had ever seen. He didn’t have to think very hard 13__________ the question. At once he answered, ‘Twenty-four shots of the photographer’s left ear!’


G-   Supply suitable words.

Ø  About or on?

1.    Read this article _______ the Antartic.

2.    I’ve read a lot of books ______ animals.


Ø  According to or by?

3.    ___________Dr. Pim, the sea is rising.

4.    ___________the timeable, the train leaves at 8:27.

5.    It’s 10:15 _______ my watch.


          Ø  Across or over?

6.    We skated _________ the frozen lake.

7.    I’m going to swim _______ the river.

8.    No one wants a pipeline ______ Alaska.


Ø  Because or because of?

9.    I couldn’t get to work _________ I was ill.

10. I couldn’t get to work _________ my illness.


Ø  Before or in front of?

11. Make sure you’re there _________ 7.

12. I’ll wait for you _________ the shop.


Ø  After or afterwards?

13. Come and see me ______ work.

14. We tidied up. Our guests arrived soon _____________.

15. We had a swim and __________ we sunbathed.


Ø  Around or about?

16. We stood ________ waiting.

17. I wish you’d stop fooling ________.

18. Let me show you ________ Manchester.

19. He lives somewhere _________ Manchester.


Ø  At, to or against?

20. I’m not very good ______ figures.

21. Throw it _______ me so that I can catch it.

22. Jim is always throwing stones ______ birds.

23. We fought ______ the enemy.

24. We have combs ______ $2 each.


Ø  Behind, at the back (of) or back?

25. There’s a garden in front and one __________.

26. Keep this book. I don’t want it _________.

27. There’s a garden _________ the house.

28. I saw him four years _________.

29. They invited us. We must invite them _________.

30. I’ve fallen to lift it out the hole but it feel________.


Ø  Beside or besides?

31. Who was sitting _________ you?

32. Who’s invited _________ us?


Ø  Between or among?

33. Divide it equally ________ the two of you.

34. Switzerland lies _________ four other countries.

35. I saw you _____ the crowd.


Ø  But (for) or except (for)?

36. The plane would’ve landed _________ the fog.

37.  Everyone sent flowers ________ you.

38. ________ you, everyone sent flowers.

39. Everyone’s here _______ John.

40. Who ________ John would do a thing like that?


Ø  Like or as?

41.  There’s no business _______ show business.

42. ________ a lawyer, I would advise caution.

43. I once worked _______ a bus conductor.

44. This motorway is ________ a car park!


Ø  Over, above or on top of?

45. I can’t sleep with a light _______ my head.

46. Don’t put that cup _______ my papers, please.

47. The helicopter was ________ the lifeboat.

48. My bedroom is _______ the kitchen.

49. We have the sky ________ us.

50. We don’t want a boss like that ________ us.


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