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Mine is the name of all aborted,
seeds of no deeds.
I’m not in my name...
                                                 Isaias Carvalho, Estes

These tasks and resources are for free use
by both professors and students. 
This page is part of the production of the
UESC extension project Dinamizando/Inglês.


Assignments for different levels

Task 1 Take a tour of the Useful Links on the right. Write a 100-word assessment on at least 3 of them, especially those which are new to you.

Task 2 Answer the questionnaire Needs Analysis 1. It is a language contact survey: what do you learn English for?

Task 3 Needs Analysis 2: writing. Write a 150-word essay on your background as a student (teacher/speaker) of English. How do you like studying/using English? How long have you been studying/using English? What are your strengths and weaknesses as a student/speaker of English? At UESC and elsewhere, how have you liked your English classes? What has worked well and what has not? What are some of your expectations related to this course? Others.

Task 4 Open the Breaking News page. Read the guidelines and criteria for reporting on international news.

Task 5 Open the attached file named 1000 Most Common Words in English. Check the words you do not know yet. Look them up in an English-English dictionary (see the Useful Links on the right). Make sentences with at least 10 of them (if you fit in that number).

Task 6 Go to False Cognates. Pick out the 10 items which are the most meaningful to you on the list provided (English-Portugues; Portuguese-English). Also, translate the text A day at work, which is at the bottom of the page.

Task 7 Go to Correct the Mistakes. Print the page and correct all the mistakes you can. That is a solely grammar review exercise.

Task 8 Open the attached file named Not the Queen's English. Explore its vocabulary and content. Answer the questionnaire that follows the report.

Task 9 Open the China Special page. Do research on China. Answer the questions. Be ready to discuss China.

Task 10 Write a 150-word comparative analysis of the Star-Spangled Banner and the Hino Nacional do Brasil. Tackle their history, their similarities and differences related to their content (images, representations, meanings...). You can also listen to and watch Jennifer Hudson singing the first stanza of the National Anthem of the US - the Star-Spangled Banner.

Task 11 Go to Yes, we can! Obama & Lula. Answer the questions.

Task 12 Open the India Special page. Do research on India. Answer the questions provided. Be ready to discuss India.

Task 13 Video & Reading. Open the page with Obama's Inaugural Speech (2009). Work on its vocabulary and pronunciation.

Task 14 Go to
An English Dialect. Have some fun while practicing your pronunciation in English in a kind of twisted way.

Task 15 Open the Useful Classroom Expressions page. Study it. Avoid speaking Portuguese during our classes.

Task 16 Go to Key Vocabulary Pronunciation Practice. Look up the words you do not know yet in an effective English-English dictionary, such as The Free Dictionary.

Task 17 Go to List of English Irregular Verbs. Use the list as a tool to do the activity on the McDonald's Success Story page.

Task 18 Go to And the Oscar goes to... Do the activities provided. Be ready to answer questions about the content of the two activities. Take notes. Explore the vocabulary.

Task 19 Open the Make or Do? page. Do the exercises provided. Also, check out the links suggested at the end of the exercises.

Task 20 Go to Oral Presentation Guidelines. Read it carefully in order to have a good understanding of how the oral presentations will work. Grouping, dates and topics will be decided in class.

Task 21 Go to Axis of Evil - The Bush Doctrine. Do the activity proposed. Use some of the links on the right to do further readings on the topic.

Task 22 Go to Verbing. Play the game with classmates. You may play it either in class or elsewhere.

Task 23 Open the UNASUL page. Do some research on this new bloc. Then, answer the questions provided. Be ready to discuss them in class.

Task 24 Open the Cover Letter page. Follow the instructions and write a cover letter based on the guidelines and sample provided.

Task 25 Go to Getting to Know Each Other. Ask and answer the questions provided (pair-work).

Task 26 Open the Too much English, some say page. Read the text and write a 150-word comment on its main ideas.

Task 27 Go to Speaking: Sentence Completion. Play the language game (or competition) proposed. That can be carried out either in class or at any other time.

Task 28  Go to Effective Presentations. A series of on-line tutorials by Jeff Radel. Though it is not the perfect material to make you an expert in presentations, it is an effective starting point. Take a tour of the tutorials. Be ready to share with your classmates the most meaningful tips given by Jeff Radel. Also, you can be critical of some aspects you may disagree with.

Task 29 Go to Quiz 1 - Verb Tenses. Answer the quiz.

Task 30 Go to Quiz 2 - So, Too, Either, Not Either, But. Answer the quiz.

Task 31 Go to Quiz 3 - Prepositions. Answer the quiz.

Task 32 Go to Quiz 4 - Prepositions of Time. Answer the quiz.

Task 33 Go to Quiz 5 - Prepositions of Time: at, on, in. Answer the quiz.

Task 34 Go to Quiz 6 - Prepositions: at, on, in. Answer the quiz.

Task 36 Go to Quiz 8 - Prepositions of movement. Answer the quiz.

Task 37 Go to Quiz 9 - As and LIke. Answer the quiz.

Task 38 Go to Quiz 10 - Mixed Prepositions. Answer the quiz.

Task 39 Go to Quiz 11 - Adjectives + Prepositions. Answer the quiz.

Task 40 Go to Quiz 12 - Gerunds as Objects of Prepositions. Answer the quiz.

Task 41 Go to Quiz 13 - Nouns + Prepositions. Answer the quiz.

Task 42 Go to Quiz 14 - Prepositions after Certain Words. Answer the quiz.

Task 43 Go to Quiz 15 - Postponed Prepositions. Answer the quiz.

Task 44 Go to Quiz 16 - Verb + Preposition. Answer the quiz.

Task 45 Go to Hello, Goodbye. Have some fun with a poem by Halvard Johnson.

Task 46 Open the Freewriting page. Read it carefully. Be ready to share your understanding of it, as well as your opinions about it. Eventually, you will be freewriting in class. Also, check the link it offers to POWA - Paradigm Online Writing Assistant, a free and very effective guide to writing in general.

Task 47 Open the Journal Writing page. Every other week you are supposed to turn in your journal notebook with a journal entry with at least 200 words.

Task 48 Open the Quiz 17 - Linking Words page. Study the topic and answer the quiz.

Task 49 Go to China Should Bail Out the West. Explore its vocabulary and main ideas. Be ready to discuss it in class.

Task 50 Open the attached file below named Not the Queen's English. Explore the text in its content and vocabulary. Answer the questionnaire provided on the last page of the file. 

Task 51 Go to IBSA: Look to Brasilia, not Beijing. Do the tasks which are proposed.

Task 52 Go to Wall Street. Do the tasks which are proposed.

Task 53 Go to Prefixes, Suffixes & Root Words page. Study the lists provided. Search for authentic texts in English, and locate at least 10 words in whose formation you spot the use of prefixes, suffixes and root words. 

Task 54 Go to Quiiz 18 - Phrasals. Answer the quiz. 

Task 55 Go to Celso Almorim's interview for the BBC. Take notes of the ideas discussed. Also, what do you think of Mr. Amorim's English? Comment on any other aspect you may find relevant.
Task 56 Go to the Ethanol Summit 2009 page. 
Read some of the articles/news. Be ready to discuss issues related to the ethanol industry.

Task 57 Go to the Wall Street Journal. Read about AIR FRANCE FLIGHT 447. What does it have to do with the core of LEA? What other considerations can you make?

Task 58 Go to the The Economist page. Read the article Brazil's poor schools: still a lot to learn. React to it.

Task 59 Go to Obama's Islam Speech. Watch the video as you read the transcript. React to it.

Task 60 Go to Prepositions IN, ON, AT. Prepare for an exam on those prepositons. 

Task 61 Go to Algumas expressões português-inglês.  Study and learn some linking words and expressions which are common in everyday language.

Task 62 Go to New Songdo City. Learn about the largest architectural and technological project ever. Be ready to share opinions.

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