Pete Malicki

    • Pete is an author, award-winning and published playwright, fiction editor, publisher, creative writing teacher, Literary Manager of Short+Sweet Theatre, Festival Director of Short+Sweet Sydney and the current Coordinator of Crash Test Drama. His first ever play, The New Inhabitant, won Naked Theatre Company's nationwide "Write Now!" short play competition and was produced for a 22-show season at The Old Fitzroy Hotel. Since this success, he's gone on to complete over 60 plays, many of which are available for free on his website. In 2010, after being performed at Crash Test, his comedy The Goon was published in an anthology of 10 minute plays and has now been produced over 50 times and been adapted into a US web-series. He has gone on to win 25 national/international awards and been produced in Edinburgh Fringe and on the West End.Pete also writes articles for a range of media sources, websites and magazines, including, the Sydney Morning Herald, Greenpeace Australia Pacific, Empower Mag, Writers Beat and more. He offers manuscript editing services for fiction novelists and has just published a children's book - The Ten Minute Witch by Geraldine Aegerter. Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Community College employs him to teach a Creative Writing course, as well as Playwriting and Novel Writing Workshops.Being inept at acting, Pete's performing background has been limited to playing in funk and rock bands. He plays bass (well!), guitar (averagely) and piano (inconsistently). He played bass for funk/folk trio Flow and lead guitar for rock outfit Start Select, but his real dream is to master Beethoven's Appassionata Sonata Movement III before he goes deaf.When not dabbling in the creative arts, Pete is a massage therapist.Involvement in Crash Test DramaPete has been involved as a writer in each season of Crash Test Drama since its arrival in Sydney.Coordinator Crash Test Drama - 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

    • Writer - Privatise THIS! - Runner-Up Popular Vote, Nov 2008

    • Writer - The Goon - 3rd place Popular Vote, Mar 2009

    • Writer - Interview With The Vampire-Zombie - 3rd place Popular Vote, Aug 2009

    • Writer - Anon. - 3rd place Popular Vote, Apr 2010

    • Writer - What If...? - Runner-Up Popular Vote, Aug 2010

    • Writer - Stars And Science - Mar 2011

    • Writer - Hayley Gets Married; A Psychopath; Breast Pun Ever; Haunted; V.D. - Aug Special Edition

    • Writer - The Flowers - Aug 2011 - winner of Popular Vote and Judge's Choice

    • Writer - The Flowers - Dec 2011 FINALS - winner of Popular Vote

    • Writer - Filled To Empty - May 2012 - winner of Judges' Choice

    • Writer - Filled To Empty - Aug 2012 FINALS

    • Writer - To Jump From A Burning Building - Sep 2012

    • Writer - The Rise Of Sir Edmund - Jun 2013

    • Writer - Cry For Me - Nov 2013 - winner of Judge's Choice

    • Writer - Cry For Me - Dec 2013 FINALS - winner of Judge's Choice, Runner-Up Popular Vote

    • Writer - Solar - June 2014 - winner of Judge's Choice, Runner-Up Popular Vote

    • Writer - Solar - July 2014 FINALS

    • Writer - How To Pick Up Chicks And SCORE, Baby! - 25 Aug 2014 - Best Play Runner-Up

    • Writer - How To Pick Up Chicks And SCORE, Baby! - Dec 2014 FINALS

    • Writer/Director - Conception Control - Mar 2015

    • Writer - many further plays, 2015-2019

    • Director - The Mostly Sleeping Princess by Geraldine Aegerter - Runner-Up Popular Vote, Sep 2009


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