July 2009 - Special Edition

Thanks for another wonderful night of Crash Test Drama in Sydney last night!

It was our Crash Test Drama Sydney Special Edition with ten plays being read by the same playwright – Alex Broun (who was the Artistic Director of Crash Test Drama at the time).

For any playwright hearing their work read is an exhilarating and terrifying experience as they see what works and what needs work. For me last night that was ten fold and afterwards I have plenty to think about – and lots of work to do!

Thanks as always to our amazing actors and directors who threw themselves into the plays with extraordinary commitment, using all their talent, craft and skill to try and bring the playwright’s vision to life.

Nothing typified that more than Matt Thomson and Cindi Knapton in 27 Flavours of her Kiss – they’ll be experiencing “phantom kisses” for a week after that! Their commitment to the work went far beyond the call of duty.

Now to the awards:

Judge’s Choice

(Thanks as always to our wonderful judge Alan Walpole).

Best Play


Directed by Anne-Maree Magi

Performed by Jim Gosden and Richard Stephenson

Best Actress

Cate Buchanan in Ash

Best Actress Runner-Up

Sunday Gullifer in Jammed

Best Actor

Richard Stephenson in Jade

Best Actor Runner-Up

Lance Rice in Sprayed

Best Director

Liz Hovey for 27 Flavours of her kiss

Audience Choice



Directed by Craig Delahoy

Performed by Celia Kelly and Aaron Nilan

Runner-Up (A tie)

The Kiss

Directed by Stephen Carnell

Performed by Gavin Williams, Nastassja Djalog, Henry Richardson and Tanya Powell.


Directed by Anne-Maree Magi

Performed by Jim Gosden and Richard Stephenson

Our full line up for the First final of Crash Test Drama Sydney on Monday July 20th at 7.30pm is :

Imperfect by Charlie Dean, Directed by Anne Delaney (Judge’s Choice – March)

Johnny doesn’t live here anymore by Gunter Swoboda, Directed by Liane Norman (People’s Choice – March)

A day in the life of death written and directed by Nir Shelter (People’s Choice - April)

Catastrophe written and directed by Dona Garofali Parise (Judge’s Choice - April)

Remorse Code by Graham Yates, Directed by Craig Delahoy (People’s Choice – May)

Brian, I don’t love you anymore by Matt Orchard, Directed by Liam Burgess, (Judge’s Choice – May)

Erlkonig by Elizabeth Ban, Directed by Uma Kali-Shakti (People’s Choice – June)

Starwoman by Fleur Beaupert, directed by Craig Delahoy (Judge’s Choice – June)

Thanks again to all our directors and actors and congratulations again on another wonderful edition of Crash Test Drama Sydney. See you on July 20th.