October 2017

This month’s heat of Crash Test Drama was one of the best of the year, with a really creative set of plays and a whole batch of happy new faces.

First play was “Little Pieces” by Steve Donolan. Director Loueen Winters guided a cast of Alyssa Kale as Emma, Maria Karambelas as Mum and Ally Foy as Jen.

Second was Mei Bookluck’s “Peace Banners Over The Earth”, directed by Best Director winner Don Lacey. This starred a large cast of Best Actress Runner Up Rizcel Gagawanan, Justine Scali, Joan Roadd, Debbie Tilley, Andrew Vial and Theresa Plane.

And third was “‘Manor’ Of Speaking”, written by Pheona Mulligan and directed by Brinley Meyer. Eveline Schubert, Graham Yates and Best Actor Runner Up Bretton Reis performed this piece, which judge Uma Kali Shakti put through as the Winner. We’ll see it back next Tuesday 7 November for the Crash Test Drama Finals.

The fourth play for the evening was “The Perfectionist” by Ridwan Hassim, with Lisa Kelaher director. Christine d’Rozario played Anita, Lizzie Mcpherson the Muse, and Best Actor Winner Edric Hong Mohandas.

Next was Angie Holst’s play “Photo”. Isaac Owen directed a large cast of Alice Furze, Niamh Burke, George O’keeffe, Carolina Portugal, Amber Spooner and Peter Sahlani.

Finally, Sonal Moore’s “Chocolate Towers” rounded up the night. This play was the clear audience vote favourite, winning a spot in the Crash Test Drama Finals next week. Margaret Olive won Best Actress and starred alongside Capri Walsh and Terry Spencer. Margaret Fitzgerald directed.

The results
Judge Uma Kali Shakti had the unenviable task of picking the awards for the show. These were her picks:

Best Actor Runner Up: Bretton Reis
Best Actor: Edric Hong
Best Actress Runner Up: Rizcel Gagawanan
Best Actress: Margaret Olive
Best Director: Don Lacey
Best Play: ‘Manor’ Of Speaking
Popular Vote Winner: Chocolate Towers
Popular Vote Runner Up: Little Pieces

Congrats to “Chocolate Towers” and “‘Manor’ Of Speaking”, which we’ll see again at the Finals. Thanks to all the artists for coming along.