May 2016

Crash Test Report – Round 2 - May 9th 2016

And we’re back at the Depot Theatre for Round Two of Crash Test Drama Sydney. With 28 roles available and a cold, slightly rainy day we encountered a bit of a speed hump in casting. However with some creative shuffling and the rare event of allowing actors to perform in two plays we were able to cast all roles and have all 7 plays staged. Many thanks to all artists who made the trip out to the Depot for another great night of Crash Test. The community spirit is strong here so we encourage everyone to come along to Crash Test. There’s no Crash Test without you!

Our plays for the night were:

Distain, written by Brian Haydon and directed by Bryan McMahon. Solid performances by Allan Long as Willy and Kate Bookallil as Zola saw this great play win Best Actress Runner Up for Kate as well as the Judge’s Choice for Best Play! Distain wins a spot in the Crash Test Drama finals in July!

The Waiting Room, written by Sharlene Zeederberg and directed by Adrian Bitel. It starred Best Actor recipient Graeme Yates as Jasper, Warren Glover as Steve, writer Sharlene Zeederberg as Sally and director Adrian Bitel as Bob. This funny play won first place in the audience vote and will be back for the Crash Test finals in July!

The Torch, written by Isaac Owen and directed Sonia Bible. Another funny play starring Jenny Simons as Meg, writer Isaac Owen as Jordy, Rosemary Ghazi as Alfie (who was quite ill with a cold and had almost lost her voice – which actually helped her sound like the prepubescent boy she was playing!), Rob White as Man, and director Sonia Bible as both Woman and Mum. This fun play won second place in the audience vote.

Digging Afghanistan, written by Xeno Nemos and directed by Leonie Jordan. It starred David Wiernik as Scott, James Parbery as Hank, Kate Bookallil as Daughter, and writer Xeno Nemos as Ahmed.

3 Scenes From The Bench, written by Michal Weiss and directed by Ann Elbourne. This interesting and different play starred Mickey Richards as Fearisa, Dudley Levell as Fear Bubble and Eliyahu, and Best Actress winner Rosemary Ghazi. Wonderful direction by Ann Elbourne found her winning Best Director (welcome back Ann!). A creative script won Michal Weiss the Playwright’s Encouragement award.

Cyclone Madge and the Unexpected Consequence, written by Warren Glover and directed by Meili Bookluck. It starred Jay Duncan as Will, Best Supporting Actor winner Lance Rice as Nigel, and Mickey Richards as Madge. Timing in at 15mins and 24 seconds this 8 page play was ineligible for the judge’s vote and lost 15 audience votes. However Warren Glover won the inaugural Depot Drumstick award for his efforts!

Silver cats, written by Jacque Vickers and directed by Margaret Fitzgerald. It starred Jill Waters as Skye, Colleen Henry as Sapphire, Warren Glover as Jerry, and director Margaret Fitzgerald as Kate.

The Results

Top Sydney director (and writer) Lisa Eismen was our judge for the evening.

Best Actor: Graeme Yates

Best Actress: Rosemary Ghazi

Best Actor Runner Up: Lance Rice

Best Actress Runner Up: Kate Bookallil

Best Director: Ann Elbourne

Best Play: "Distain"

Popular Vote Winner: "The Waiting Room"

Popular Vote Runner Up: “The Torch”

Playwright’s Encouragement Award: Michal Weiss for “3 Scenes From The Bench”

Distain" and “The Waiting Room” have both won places in the Crash Test Finals in July.

Thanks to the actors, directors, and writers who made another round of Crash Test Drama so much fun!