Nov 2015 FINALS

Season Two Finals of Crash Test Drama 2015 was a huge night. With just over a hundred people watching on as 8 quality short plays tread the board of the New Theatre in Newtown. Two of the winning play have now won a spot in the Top 80 of Short+Sweet Sydney 2016.

First play for the evening was "Siri" written by Isaac Owen who was also involved in another two plays during the evening as director. With wonderful direction by Adrian Bitel. A witty and fast paced script starring Ryan Brown as Alex, Mickey Richards as SIRI, Hrsae Ueno, Kazuyo Kitada and Cash Brown as the Drones and a cameo by Isaac Owen as the Salesman.

Second play was "Sighted" written by Crawford O’Brien and directed by TOAST D’Bechamel. Starring Georgina Neville as Vivienne and Joan Rodd starred as Margot who won Best Actress Runner Up for her performance.

Third up for the night was "Lipstick Lass" written by Ann Elbourne and directed by Matt Popp. Strong performances by Lance Rice as Bill with Matt Popp jumping in at the last minute to take on the role of Bob.

Last up before interval was "Walked Over" written by Graham Yates and directed by Tom Richards. Starring Margaret Turner as Valerie and Graham Yates as Harold. "Walked Over" won Popular Vote Runner Up and Judges Second Choice and has earned itself a spot in Short+Sweet Sydney 2016. This is Graham’s second play this year to make its way into Short+Sweet Sydney 2016 as his other play “Winning” won the Season One Finals of Crash Test Drama Sydney earlier this year.

After the interval was "Gone" written by Nick Subjak and directed by Isaac Owen. Wonderful performances by William Stevenson as Hugo, Kira Williams as Penelope, Mickey Richards as Cassandra, Nick Subjak as Lawrence and Toast D’Bechamel as Death.

Next up was the very witty "Dog Park" written by Warren Glover and directed by James Gallaway. It starred Dudley Levell as Richard, Felicity Keep as Sam, Leilani Loau as Lucy and Will Stevenson as The Dog Father.

Seventh play for the evening was "Family Devotion" written by our Playwright’s Encouragement Award Winner Kazuyo Kitada and directed by Isaac Owen. With wonderful performances by Alice Furze as Cath, Belinda Anderson-Hunt as Jill, Mickey Richards as Cat and Josh Pearce who was awarded Best Actor Runner Up for his performance as Sean.

Last up for the evening was our Judge’s and Popular Vote winning play “Chemistry Test" written and directed by Ruth Fingret who was awarded Best Director for the evening. Lisa Hanssens was awarded Best Actress for her performance as Carol along Dudley Levell who was awarded Best Actor for his performance as Ross. We’ll be seeing “Chemistry Test” again in Short+Sweet Sydney 2016.

The Results

Our lovely Judges for the evening were writer/director Deb Mulhall and writer Con Nats, both theatre veterans, former judges at Crash Test Drama and Short+Sweet Sydney.

Best Actor: Dudley Levell

Best Actress: Lisa Hanssens

Best Actor Runner Up: Josh Pearce

Best Actress Runner Up: Joan Rodd

Best Director: Ruth Fingret

Best Play: "Chemistry Test"

Best Play Runner Up: "Walked Over"

Popular Vote Winner: "Chemistry Test"

Popular Vote Runner Up: “Walked Over”

Playwright’s Encouragement Award: Kazuyo Kitada for “Family Devotion”

“Chemistry Test" and “Walked Over” have both won places in the Top 80 of Short+Sweet 2016