August 29 2016

Season Two Round Two Crash Test Drama – 29th August 2016

Wow, Round Two opened with a bang with one of the biggest actor auditions turn out we’ve had in a long time. Our writers and directors had 30 amazing actors to choose from. We sadly didn’t have enough roles for everyone as we only had 22 roles to cast. Actors, please do not despair, if we keep getting numbers like that we will programme plays with larger casts, so please come along and bring your friends and have a great time with us!

It was a fun and cheerful night, with a lot of new faces and a lot of former Crash Test regulars. Welcome back guys!

Our 6 fantastic plays were:

Beware The Zebra, written by Xeno Nemos and directed by Uma Kali Shakti. This funny play starred Best Actor Runner Up Etima Lokondo as Joe, Mickey Richards as Louisa, Xanthe Katsouras as Constable Ken, and Steve Allnut as Malcolm.

Cosmic Stuff Up, written by Robert Grant and directed by Bryan McMahon. Another funny play starring Graham Yates as Barry, Alice Furze as Alberta, Rosemary Ghazi as Bronwyn, Brandon Lacey as Alex, Katrina Morel as Barry’s Wife, and Robbie Gadsbey as the Radio Announcer.

Get A Life, written by Bob Ballinger and directed by Michal Weiss. This great play won the Judge’s vote for Best Play and also came second (by a mere point) in the Audience vote! It starred Edric Hong as Bill and Trevor Bechamel as Phil. “Get A Life” has won a spot in the Crash Test Drama Final on Monday 12th December 2016.

The Wee Small Hours, written by Leonie Jordan and directed by Margaret Fitzgerald. This well-acted play won the Popular Vote. It starred a scantily dressed Rob White as Stephen, Best Actress winner Pauline Gardner as Jess, and stepping in at the last minute, to play a character who was asleep for the entirety of the play, Colleen Henry as Claire. Colleen was awarded the Depot Drumstick for her goodwill. “The Wee Small Hours” has won a spot in the Crash Test Drama Final on Monday 12th December 2016.

You’re A Job, written by Faith de Savigne and directed by Leonie Jordan. It starred Kirsty McGowan as She, Al Bahceci as He, Owen Power as Him, and Best Actress Runner Up Kate Bookalil as Her. Leonie Jordan was awarded Best Director and Faith de Savigne received the Playwright’s Encouragement Award for her efforts.

Freedom, written by Mark Avery and directed by Felicity Burke. This short but moving play starred Best Actor winner Luke Thornley as James, Lance Rice as Mongrel, and Matthew Kerr as The Guard.


Our judge for the night was the wonderful writer, director, and Crash Test regular Vee Malnar.

Best Actor: Luke Thornley

Best Actress: Pauline Gardner

Best Actor Runner Up: Etima Lokondo

Best Actress Runner Up: Kate Bookalil

Best Director: Leonie Jordan

Best Play: "Get A Life"

Popular Vote Winner: "The Wee Small Hours"

Popular Vote Runner Up: “Get A Life”

Playwright’s Encouragement Award: Faith de Savigne for “You’re A Job”

Depot Drumstick Award: Colleen Henry

Due to the Sydney Fringe, Crash Test Drama won’t be on for the whole of September. Join us for Round Three on Monday 10th October 2016 and the Depot Theatre, Marrickville. On that note, the lovely and supportive Depot Theatre has 4 great plays on during September for the Sydney Fringe. Please go along and support them and Aussie independent theatre.