April 2014

Crash Test had its first show for 2014 and its first show at the wonderful New Theatre, a huge upgrade for the event. We are aiming to grow Crash Test and stage more plays each month, thus creating more opportunities for not only writers but directors and actors. Submit your scripts (see the homepage) and come along to audition on May 5.

Opening Crash Test 2014 was "The Runner" by Wayne Mitchell. This clever script was nicely brought to life by director Kingsley (who stepped in literally at the last minute - legend!) and the cast of Mark Curry as Nige, Graham Yates as Pinto and Alice Furze as Tanya. Our judge awarded it Best Play and we'll be seeing it again in the Crash Test Drama Season One Final on Mon 14 July!

Second was the hilarious "Topple", written by Robert Renshaw and directed by Stephen Carnell. This somewhat worrying play was wonderfully performed by Isaac Reefman and Joan Rodd, who won Best Actress for her performance, and came second in the Popular Vote. We'll never think of rent day the same way again!

Third was a monologue largely written in rhyming verse. Jacque Vickers wrote and directed "The Director's Dilemma", undoubtedly inspired by her Short+Sweet 2014 experience where she struggled to find actors for her play "The Projectionist". Sorcha Harrop did a great job of this piece.

Fourth was Aaron Nilan's "Fatherhood", which Isaac Owen directed. A nice mix of drama and comedy, the play was performed by Jim Gosden (who won Best Actor), Dave Hardy and Debbie Tilley.

First after the interval was newcomer Michelle Sewell's "The Affair", which Wayne Mitchell directed. It starred Rachel O'Reilly as Lilly and Genevieve Kennedy as Carol. Congrats to Michelle for her first ever Sydney play!

Sixth for the show was "Afterwards", written and directed by Alex Broun. It starred a cast of five women, beautifully performed by Amanda Mikhael, Alison Chambers, Clare Nightingale, Elise Balek and Milly Caley. "Afterwards" was the convincing winner of the Popular Vote and Alex's impressive efforts earned him Best Director; we'll be seeing this play again in the Finals!

Seventh was "Don't Feed The Birds", written by Pheona Mulligan and directed by Brett Garland. It starred Best Actress Runner Up winner Jen Jackson as Ethel and James Parberry as Jeremy. Thanks to the New venue, this was the first Crash Test Pheona's ever been able to attend. Whoo hoo!

Lastly, Crash Test's first ever verbatim play: "The Name Rater In Eterna City Refuses To Change My Duskull's Name! Help!" This play, written and directed by James Hartley, was derived from an argument on a Pokemon forum online. It starred the largest ever Crash Test Drama Sydney cast with Carli Carey, Michael Smith (who won Best Actor Runner Up), Edric Hong, Les Davidson, Rosemary Ghazi, James Gallaway, Alison Headrick, Christine Morel and Katrina Morel. James won the Playwright's Encouragement Award for his creative effort and publicly stated "I feel encouraged". Well done, James.

The Results
Our judge was Maggy Franklin, a long-term theatre artist with decades of experience under her belt. Her choice of winners were:

Best Actor: Jim Gosden
Best Actress: Joan Rodd
Best Actor Runner UpMichael Smith
Best Actress Runner UpJen Jackson
Best Director: Alex Broun
Best Play: "The Runner" by Wayne Mitchell
Popular Vote Winner: "Afterwards" by Alex Broun
Popular Vote Runner Up: "Topple" by Robert Renshaw

Afterwards and The Runner have both won places in the Crash Test Finals, held on Mon 14 July 2014.

Thanks to Georgie Edwards, our Co-Coordinator and MC, and all of the writers, actors and directors who put the show together. Remember that we're aiming to grow Crash Test and increase the amount of work we produce, so please send us your scripts and come along to audition!