Dec 2015 Special Edition

Our last show for 2015 was a Crash Test first - the Best of the Best Special Edition. We invited all of the plays which won a Crash Test Finals show from the last few years to compete in an epic night of winning works. Nine plays were available, although a number of cast changes were required to make the show happen.

First up was "Falling For Harry", Popular Vote Winner from Dec 2013. Warren Glover wrote and directed, with a cast of Mark Power and Henriette Tkalec. This play snapped up the "(Equal) Most Loved Crash Test Play In History" award, otherwise known as the Popular Vote.

From Jul 2015 came Pheona Mulligan's "The Piece Keeper", aptly directed by Felicity Burke. Janine Penfold gave an excellent performance in this stirring monologue.

Third was previous Popular Vote Winner "Heart Wrenched", written, directed and this time performed by Isaac Owen. Alongside Isaac in this fun romp was Michael Smith, Jennifer Hicks, and "Future Cate Blanchett Award" (Best Actress Runner Up) winner Hilary Park.

Next up was mega-winner "Moonage Daydream", the Crash Test Winner which went on to win Best Overall Production in Short+Sweet Sydney. Vee Malnar wrote, Tom Richards directed and Peter Condon starred alongside Lynda Leavers.

Rounding off the act was "Many Apps Make Light Living", written and directed by Bob Ballinger, who won "The Martin Scorz... Skorse... Scorrsez... Bugger It, The Clint Eastwood Award" For Best Director. Michael Smith starred alongside Alice Furze and the play won the other "(Equal) Most Loved Crash Test Play In History" award.

Act two started off with "Life Is Sweet", written by Trish Koutrodimos and directed by Wayne Mitchell. Raechel Carlson performed with Best Actor Runner Up David Wiernik and Best Actor Winner Badai Maftuh-Flynn. These awards were more creatively named than this, but they might have left the recollection of the award-name designer...

The seventh play was the Judges' Choice winner from Dec 2013, "Cry For Me". Crash Test Coordinator Pete Malicki wrote, and Alice Furze both directed and starred. Alice won the "Cate Blanchett Award" (Best Actress) and the play came third by one vote, but was awarded the "Best Crash Test Play EVA!" award (Judge's Choice).

Eighth was "Winning", Graham Yates's play from Season One this year. Michele Mattiuzzi directed a solid cast of Charles Cosgrove and Grace Rouvray.

Finally, we had Alex Broun's play from 2012, "While You Were Sleeping". Kingsley directed an energetic ensemble of Sally Williams, Debbie Tilley, Eliza St John and TOAST d'Bechamel.

The Results

Our judge for the Best of the Best show was Crash Test's most successful actor: Rosemary Ghazi. Rosemary has won Best Actress seven times and has been in a massive five previous Crash Test Drama Finals winning plays.

Best Actor: Badai Maftuh-Flynn

Best Actor Runner Up: David Wiernik

Cate Blanchett Award For Best Actress: Alice Furze

Future Cate Blanchett For Best Actress Runner Up: Hilary Park

The Martin Scorz... Skorse... Scorrsez... Bugger It, The Clint Eastwood Award For Best Director: Bob Ballinger

Major Awards

Best Crash Test Play EVA: Cry For Me

(Equal) Most Loved Crash Test Play In History: Many Apps Make Light Living

(Equal) Most Loved Crash Test Play In History: Falling For Harry