September 2019

Season Two kicked off after a move to Saturday nights, since Fridays seemed to be a hard day for many of our people.

The show opened with "Life Finds A Way" by Pete Greenaway. Margaret Fitzgerald directed a cast of Raef Kandeel, Heather King and Jackie Pei.

"King Kuddlies" was up next. Playwright Encouragement Award winner Lorraine Toweel wrote this play and Latifa Amal-Schwarz directed. Megan Baltz won Best Actress, Ian Dixon won Best Actor Runner Up and Mimi Parfitt, Shiva Motlagh and Andrew Vial also performed. The play also won Popular Vote Runner Up.

Third was "Immaculate Reception", a funny play by Judith Anne Duncan. Cris Bocchi, Pauline Gardner, Ta-Seen Monzoor and Best Actress Runner Up Victoria Barkell performed and the play won the Popular Vote. We'll see it back in the Finals on Sat 7 Dec.

Fourth was Judge's Choice for Best Play, "Unclaimed Baggage". Tom Peach wrote, Dana Lowe directed and Alice Furze performed. We'll also see this play back in the Finals.

Coming up next was "Unexpected Turns Of Events" by Crash Test Coordinator Pete Malicki. Jackie Atkinson directed John-Pierre Yerma as Least Favourite Parent.

Rounding up the show was "The King". Husband and wife team Terry and Lyn Bourke wrote and directed this piece respectively and Lyn won Best Director for her efforts. It starred Winnie Lee alongside Best Actor winner Anthony Thomas.

The Results

Tonight’s show was judged by actress Debbie Neilson.

Best Actor Runner Up: Ian Dixon

Best Actor: Anthony Thomas

Best Actress Runner Up: Victoria Barkell

Best Actress: Megan Baltz

Best Director: Lyn Bourke

Popular Vote Winner: Immaculate Reception

Best Play: Unclaimed Baggage

Congratulations to “Immaculate Reception" and “Unclaimed Baggage” which are on their way to the Crash Test Finals on Saturday 7 December.

Thanks to every single actor, writer and director who participated in the event and thank you once again to our wonderful venue and hosts, Darlo Drama.