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The “Unofficial” Biog

If forced to define herself, Amelia would call herself a "Hyphenate", an artist who wears a number of different hats, depending on the project she’s doing. But it’s really because she doesn’t like being pigeonholed into any one thing: she’s just “Amelia”, and she happens to do “Stuff”. The most important thing to her is that the “Stuff” is “Interesting”. And if this stuff happens to be “Arty” (which it is, most of the time), then that must make her some kind of cool bohemian sort, unless you happen to get her started on the mysteries of physics, in which case she reveals herself to be a total geek as well.But... if she had a gun to her head, she would maybe say (albeit really, really quickly): “Actor-slash-Director-slash-Dramaturge”, as those are the things she is currently most fascinated with.The “More Official” BiogAmelia originally started out as an actress, completing her training at a diverse range of schools, including the Central Actors Studio, ACTT, Screenwise and three years at AADA, and with people such as Ivana Chubbuck, Tim Robins, Adam Macauley & Grant Bowler.She has worked in a number of areas, both live and recorded, including with Urban Theatre Projects, two years touring Australia doing TIE, corporate training videos and roleplays, several short films (including the award-winning “BluE”), and a couple of features and TVCs. She has also notched up behind-the-scenes experience, working variously as producer, 1st AD, 2nd AD, co-director, runner and even continuity on a number of short films and music clips.Most recently, Amelia has branched out into directing, and earlier this year directed a piece called “Perfect Stillness” for Short+Sweet Sydney, which made it into the Gala Final at NIDA and earned her a nomination for Best New Talent.She is also a very competent dramaturge and drama coach, consulting with production companies, drama schools & individuals on script analysis/development, character construction & audition pieces.

She has been involved in Crash Test since April 2010, and co-ordinates the Director Mentoring Program along with Uma Kali Shakti.

In addition to her artistic life, Amelia is completing a double degree at Sydney University, with majors in Performance Studies & Physics as her main goals.

Involvement with Crash Test

    • April 2010 Director of “The Hero” – Winner Judges’ Choice and Popular Vote

    • May 2010 Director of “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” – Winner Popular Vote

Amelia is also the Director Mentoring Program Coordinator along with Uma Kali Shakti.

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