May 18 2015

We had 25 roles to fill and we had 25 actors turn up for the evening. So our casting for the evening went well!First play for the evening was “Under The Gaze” written by newcomer Anna Potter and directed by Isaac Owen. A wonderful first play by Anna and I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future. The play was awarded Popular Vote Runner Up and starred best actress runner up Michelle De Rosa, Rachel Baker and Isabella Jessup.

Second play was “Harry Jeeva and the Gates to Self Destruction” written by Robert Grant who was awarded the Playwright’s Encouragement Award. Felicity Burke directed the play, which unfortunately went over time but her direction still stood out to the Judge and was awarded Best Director for her effects. Strong performances by Georgie Neville who won the Best Actress Award, Paul McKenzie who won Best Actor Runner Up, Stephen Allnutt, Wendy Morton, Joanna Eve and Mimi Parfitt.

Third up for the night was the witty “Mephisto” written by Chris Parkes and directed by Mark Nagle, starring Eleni cassimatis and Robert Sharpe.

Last up before interval was “Immaculate Infection” written and directed by Leon Joseph. It starred a cast of Rob White, Harry Boyd, Jeoff Avaient and Carli Carey who had some much fun with her one special word used over and over again.

After the interval was “Winning” written by Graham Yates and directed by Michele Mattiuzzi. “Winning” won the Judge’s Choice for Best Play and will be back at the Crash Test Finals on Monday, 6 July. It starred Best Actor winner Charles Cosgrove and Rosemary Ghazi.

Next up was “Lee Lewis Won’t Answer My Emails” written and directed by Alex Broun and starring Tim Carey and Samantha Lee. Will she answer them now??

Seventh play for the evening was “Star Crossed Collaboration” written and directed by Simon Tonkin and starred Penelope Berkemeier, Graham Yates and Sam Sida.

Last up for the evening was “Leprechaun” written by Nick Subjak and directed by Don Lacey. “Leprechaun” won the Popular Vote as voted by the audience and will be back at the Crash Test Finals on Monday 6 July. Strong performances by James Parbery, Antonia Zappia and Liam J. Phelan.

The Results

Judging the evening was Maggy Franklin, director and Theatre Time organiser.

Best Actor: Charles Cosgrove

Best Actress: Georgie Neville

Best Actor Runner Up: Paul McKenzie

Best Actress Runner Up: Michelle De Rosa

Best Director: Felicity Burke

Best Play: "Winning”

Popular Vote Winner: "Leprechaun"

Popular Vote Runner Up: “Under The Gaze”

"Winning" and "Leprechaun" have both won places in the Crash Test Finals to be held on Monday 6 July 2015