December 2014 FINALS

December 8, 2014

Our last Crash Test Drama show for the year at the New Theatre in Newtown went off with a bang. Thank you New Theatre for a great first year; we look forward to many more. Thanks to all writers, directors and actors who bring life to words on a page each month in an entertaining way. A big thank you to our wonderful audience members who turn up each month to support our shows - without you, it wouldn’t be the same.

Starting off the evening was “Grace” written by Alex Broun and directed by Best Director Ruth Fingret. Billie-Rose Crane starred as Di, Genevieve Kennedy as Norma-Jean which she was awarded Best Actress Runner-Up for and Best Actress Winner Michela Carattini as Grace. Stellar performance by all three girls.

Second was “A Chinese girl walked into the Café….” written and directed by TOAST D’Bechamel who won the Playwright’s Encouragement Award. Perfect performances by Rosemary Ghazi as Jennifer, Megan Captaine as Lexi and Isaac Owen as the Customer.

Third was Craig Delahoy’s “Brainstrust”. A scary and funny look into the world of Australian politics. Amazing performances by Garreth Cruikshank as Barclay, Justine Scali as Constance and Best Actor Runner-Up Nick Subjak.

Last up before interval was Coordinator Pete Malicki’s “How To Pick Up Chicks And SCORE, Baby!” directed by Isaac Owen. Starring Jen Jackson as Charlie (the MC), Best Actor Runner-Up Nick Subjak as Ryan and Alice Furze as Vanessa.

After interval was “Heart Wrenched” written and directed by Isaac Owen. Isaac had a Crash Test first: he was part of three plays, one as actor, two as director and one as writer. Outstanding performances by Rosemary Ghazi in her second play for the evening as the Princess, Michael Smith as the Prince, Best Actor winner, Victor Popov as the Villain and Jen Jackson in her second role as the Director. "Heart Wrenched" won the Popular Vote and now goes directly into Short and Sweet Sydney 2015.

“Losing The Plot” written by Warren Glover and directed by Alison Albany won the Popular Vote Runner-Up. This funny and offbeat play starred Jack Marsden as Jimmy, Alan Long as Mike, Jessica Lowe as Stella, James Parbery as the Vicar and Peter Gatsby as the Mourner.

Next was “Audience Therapy”, written by Mark Smith and directed by Joy Roberts. It starred Graham Yates as Roger, Alan Long in his second performance as Sidebar, Diane Yzaguirre as Antoinette, Murray Cox as Jordon and Uma Kali Shakti as Harrison.

Last play for the year was “The Last Three Blondes” written by Phillip McDonald and directed by Best Director winner Ruth Fingret, her second play of the evening. It featured Best Actress winner Michela Carattini as Grace Kelly in her second role for the evening as the same character, Best Actress Runner-Up Genevieve Kennedy as Marilyn Monroe again in her second performance for the evening as the same character, Rosemary Ghazi as Princess Di in her third role for the evening (all different characters) and Dudley Levell as the Photographer. "The Last Three Blondes" won the Judge’s award and now wins a spot in Short+Sweet Sydney 2015.

The Results

Our Judge for the evening was Deborah Mullhall

Best Actor: Victor Popov

Best Actress: Michela Carattini

Best Actor Runner Up: Nick Subjak

Best Actress Runner Up: Genevieve Kennedy

Best Director: Ruth Fingret

Best Play: “The Last Three Blondes”

Popular Vote Winner: "Heart Wrenched"

Popular Vote Runner Up: "Losing The Plot"

Thanks to all our participating artists, New Theatre, Georgie and everyone who's worked on Crash Test over the seven years we've been running in Sydney.

See you in April 2015. Merry Christmas and all that!