June 6 2016

Crash Test - Round Three – 6th June 2016

After a plea for more artists to attend Crash Test Drama (or face cancelling the show) we opened round three with a great number of participants and had a wonderfully fun night. It was fantastic to see quite a few new faces and some faces we hadn’t seen in a while! Thank you to all who showed up to Crash Test Drama it was a lovely night and it's great to see WE'RE BACK IN ACTION!

We had 6 great plays on the night. They were:

Just Role With It, written by Daniel Stranger and directed by Bryan McMahon. This fun play starred Allan Long as Man, Alice Furze as Woman, Mickey Richards as Pimp, Warren Glover as Another Man, and Stacey Petersen as Another Woman.

Not Toilet Trained, written by Ruth Fingret and directed by Julia McNamara. It starred Sally Williams as Reggie, Milan Stojanovic as Ben, and Joan Rodd as Leslie. This lovely play won second place in the audience vote.

Last Swing, written by Kazuyo Kitada and directed by Uma Kali Shakti. With an incredibly moving performance that left many of our audience members with tears in their eyes Katharine Babatzanis deservedly won Best Actress for her role as Jody. She was supported nicely by Kerry Foley as Rachel. This play came first in the Popular vote. You can see it again at the Crash Test Drama finals in July! Bring tissues!!

House Of Two Wheels, written by Nick Subjak and directed by Sonia Bible. It starred Justine Scali as Fiona, Best Actor winner Kieran Boyd as Andrew, and Best Actor Runner Up Elliott Chipper as Brett. This play ran slightly over time and lost 5 audience votes but that didn’t matter as it won the Judge’s Choice for Best Play. It will be back in July for the Crash Test Drama finals.

Open For Inspection, written by Berwyn Lewis and directed by Leonie Jordan. It starred Rosemary Ghazi as Jane, Erin Thomas as Audrey, Raj Krishnan as Max, and Mimi Parfitt as Ms Horden. Leonie Jordan won Best Director and Berwyn Lewis won the Playwright’s Encouragement Award.

Reality Check, written by Maria Karambelas and directed by Rob White. It starred Donna Randall as Sarah, Kristina Moschella as Gabriella, Best Actress Runner Up Ann Elbourne as Cooper, Haki Crisden as Quinton, and Monica Ulibarri as Lucy. Maria Karambelas won the Depot Drumstick award for her efforts.

Our judge for the night was our very own Crash Test Coordinator Pete Malicki, one of the nation's most prolific writers of 10 minute plays with 650 productions to his name.

Best Actor: Keiran Boyd

Best Actress: Katharine Babatzanis

Best Actor Runner Up: Elliott Chipper

Best Actress Runner Up: Ann Elbourne

Best Director: Leonie Jordan

Best Play: “House Of Two Wheels”

Popular Vote Winner: “Last Swing”

Popular Vote Runner Up: “Not Toilet Trained”

Playwright’s Encouragement Award: Berwyn Lewis

Depot Drumstick Award: Maria Karambelas, for her first play at Crash Test.

House Of Two Wheels” and “Last Swing” have both won places in the Crash Test Finals in July.

Thanks to the actors, directors, and writers who made another round of Crash Test Drama so much fun!