August 2017

Despite a reasonable level of difficulty finding enough directors for the show, and more roles available than actors, we managed to put together a very enjoyable round of Crash Test, with the usual mixed bag of plays on offer.

The show kicked of with "Central" by Elisa Cristallo. Uma Kali Shakti directed a cast of Dede Attipoe as Nicky, Best Actor Runner Up Edric Hong as Rob, writer Elisa as Homeless Betty, with Uma herself reading the voice over announcements. A great way to start the night.

Second was "My Friend", written by Isaac Owen and directed by Margaret Fitzgerald who played a couple of roles. Christine Huynh played Shellie, Nick Subjak was Drew, and Roxie Vuong played Vicky. A challenging and thought provoking piece.

Third up was "The Lovely Escorts Candidate". Glenn Levett directed this confronting play, also starring a walk-on role towards the end as an aggressive 'John'. Ann Elbourne played the madam and Alice Furze starred as Sheryl, winning Best Actress for her efforts.

After the interval was "Good Citizen", written by Nick Subjak and directed by Felix Carlyle. An interesting satire starring Davo Hardy as Edward, Alan Long as William, Best Actor winner Jay Duncan as Sam and director Felix as Alex.

Fifth was "Close To Home", written by Jess Davis and directed by Jay Duncan (noticing a lot of people doubling up roles tonight?). This play starred Lance Rice as Aaron, writer Jess as the offstage voice and Best Actress Runner Up Mei Bookluck as Louise. It won both the Judge's Choice for Best Play and the equal-Popular Vote Winner and will be back in the Crash Test Drama Finals on Tue 7 November. Go team!

Finally, we had newcomer Lee O'Dowd Austen's "The Completely Fictitious History Of The Naming Of The Walnutmeg", which Jess Davis won Best Director for tackling. It came equal first in the Popular Vote and will be back in the Finals alongside "Close To Home". Starring Isaac Owen as the narrator, despite Isaac only being cast halfway through rehearsals, Beau Ferret as Brutus and Graham Yates as Romulus. Very fun stuff.

The Results
Expert director, writer and long-term Short+Sweet heavyweight Deb Mulhall kindly judged our show. The following plays and artists won awards:

Best Actor: Jay Duncan
Best Actress: Alice Furze
Best Actor Runner UpEdric Hong
Best Actress Runner Up: Mei Bookluck
Best Director: Jess Davis
Best Play: "Close To Home"
Popular Vote Winner"Close To Home"
Popular Vote Winner: "The Completely Fictitious History Of The Naming Of The Walnutmeg"

Thanks all for coming. Don't miss our next show on Tue 12 September.