July 2009 FINALS

A brilliant first final for 2009 of Crash Test Drama in Sydney last night!

And thanks to all our actors, directors and of course writers who contributed to creating such a high quality night of theatre. The plays presented were all outstanding, and certainly worthy of inclusion in Short+Sweet, and the commitment and talent on show from our actors and directors was wonderful to behold.

A packed house at the Newtown Theatre all enjoyed a superb night of theatre.

Imperfect by Ro Dempsey and Charlie Dean swept the pool tie-ing for first place in the Judge’s Choice as well as taking out best acting awards for Ro Dempsey and Warwick Allsopp.

The other big winners on the night were Matt Orchard’s Proposal, which tied as Judge’s Choice and will also go in to the Top 90 of Short+Sweet Sydney 2010, and Dona Garofali Parise’s hilarious Catastrophe, which took out the People’s Choice with a staggering 51 votes and will also go straight into the Top 90 of Short+Sweet Sydney 2010.

The full list of winners were:
Judge’s Choice
(Thanks as always to our wonderful judge Alan Walpole).

Proposal by
Matt Orchard
Directed by Liam Burgess, Performed by Mikaela Franco and Stephen Davies.

Imperfect by Ro Dempsey and
Charlie Dean
Directed by
Anne Delaney
Performed by Ro Dempsey and
Warwick Allsopp

Both Proposal and Imperfect will be offered places in the TOP 90 of Short+Sweet Sydney 2010.

Best Actress
Ro Dempsey

Best Actress Runner-Up
Mikaela Franco

Best Actor
Warwick Allsop

Best Actor Runner-Up
Gerry Sont
in A Day in the Life of Death and

Best Director
Liam Burgess

Audience Choice

Written and Directed by
Dona Garofali Parise
Performed by Gerry Sont and
Tanya Powell

will be offered a place in the TOP 90 of Short+Sweet Sydney 2010.

Runner Up
A day in the life of Death
Written and Directed by
Nir Shelter
Performed by Gerry Sont and
Stephen McGrath

Playwright’s Prize
Graham Yates
Remorse Code

Remember our second half of Crash Test Drama Sydney 2009 starts on Monday August 10th. For further information on Crash Test Drama Sydney contact Scott Grimley, who is now taken over as Artistic Co-ordinator of Crash Test Drama Sydney.

Thanks again to all our directors and actors and congratulations again on another wonderful edition of Crash Test Drama Sydney.