August 25 2014

What a fantastic night! Despite a clash of shows with our friends at Script In Hand, Crash Test saw one of the largest turnouts of actors ever, with a massive 45 people auditioning. The show ran smoothly and we had about 100 people in the house.

Kicking off the eve was the very funny "Pop Porn", written and directed by Wayne Mitchell. Strong performances and a funny script helped score this play the Popular Vote Runner Up and a cash prize. It starred Eleni Panayi, Best Actor Runner Up Dudley Levell, and Best Actor Robert Gadsbey.

Second was "Tinder Is The Night", brought to you by Crash Test virgins Kassia Byrnes (writer) and Marcus Graham (director). This take on modern dating starred Hugh Cann, Raechel Carlsen, Rosemary Ghazi, Richard Mason, Barton Williams and Badai Maftuh-Flynn. Oh, and also a rubber penis.

Third up for the night was "The Heart Is A Compass", written and directed by Crash Test veteran Jacque Vickers. On stage were fresh faces Joshua Parker as Christian and Christina Ziaziaris as Sarah.

Fourth was "The Job Interview" by another set of CTD newcomers: writer Xeno Nemos and director Gina Cohen. Xeno's first ever play starred Zoe Murray as Mandy, Jeremy Godwin as Sam and James Gallaway as Jeremy.

After the interval was Peter Tucker's play "Macbeth By Bertolt Brecht". Warren Glover directed a cast of Leilani Loau, Lidia Stojanoska, Victor Popov, plus husband and wife Carli and Tim Carey.

The sixth play was "Date Night" by Sonal Moore. Enn Elbourne directed Wendy Morton and Alan Long. Sonal was awarded the Playwright's Encouragement Award for a well-rounded script with a good mix of humour and drama.

Next up was "Grace", written and directed by Alex Broun. "Grace" swept the pool, winning the judge's choice for Best Play, the Popular Vote, Best Director, Best Actress Runner Up for Billie-Rose Crane and Best Actress for Alice Furze. It also starred a wonderful performance from Georgina Neville. "Grace" will be back at the Crash Test Finals on Mon 15 Dec. Don't miss it!

Finally, to wrap up the evening was “How To Pick Up Chicks And SCORE, Baby!” by Crash Test Coordinator Pete Malicki. Isaac Owen directed Jen Jackson as the MC, Nick Subjak as Ryan and Kelly McJannett as Vanessa. This play was awarded the Best Play Runner Up and wins a spot in the Finals on 15 Dec.

The Results

Thanks to judge Tony Chu - writer, actor, filmmaker and the brains behind NAFA.

Best Actor: Robert Gadsbey

Best Actor Runner Up: Dudley Levell

Best Actress: Alice Furze

Best Actress Runner Up: Billie-Rose Crane

Best Director: Alex Broun

Best Play: Grace

Best Play Runner Up: How To Pick Up Chicks And SCORE, Baby!

Popular Vote Winner: Grace

Popular Vote Runner Up: Pop Porn

Playwright’s Encouragement Award: Sonal Moore for “Date Night”

“Grace” and “How To Pick Up Chicks And SCORE, Baby!” will be back in the Finals on 15 Dec.

Thanks to every single writer, director and actor who put their work on stage and made Crash Test happen.