November 2018

Round Five of Crash Test Drama brought us one of the best quality shows we've seen in a long time. This was our last heat for the year and we have sent another two plays through to our December Finals.

First up was "Old Blue Eyes", written by Cliff Keen and directed by David M Bond. Andrew Vial won Best Actor Runner Up for his performance as Peter, with Nick Subjak playing alongside him.

Second was "Death Of A Tradesman", written and directed by Crash Test Cronulla Coordinator Graham Yates. It was performed by Best Actor Glenn Levett, Best Actress Runner Up Margaret Fitzgerald and Manny Katts.

Third was "The Pizza Delivery", written by Julien Muret and directed by Pete Greenaway. This was excellently performed by two of Crash Test's most successful performers: Edric Hong and Alice Furze, acting together for the first time ever at Crash Test.

Fourth up was Pete Malicki's "Not To Scale". Latifa Amal-Schwarz directed Matt Thomson, Esther Adelhardt and Best Actress Vanessa Davis. "Not To Scale" won the Judge's Choice for Best Play and the Popular Vote Runner Up, winning a spot in the Crash Test Finals on 1 Dec 2018.

Fifth was "Cheryl", written by Katrina Samaras and directed by Jane-Ann Scott. It featured Cris Bocchi, Christine Huynh, Simone Neviani and Amanda Yates and it won the Popular Vote. "Cheryl" will be back in the Finals in two weeks.

Closing the evening was "Spun" by Davo Hardy, with Jonathan Solomon as director. It starred an ensemble of Roxie Vuong, Julia Nozhnitski, Mickey Richards, Cyrus Henry, Michael Wood and Veronique Segrais-Saita.

The Results

We had the great pleasure of welcoming Johanna Olminkhof, the Marketing Manager of Sydney Eisteddfod, to join us as our judge. These were the picks from her and the audience:

Best Actor Runner Up: Andrew Vial

Best Actor: Glenn Levett

Best Actress Runner Up: Margaret Fitzgerald

Best Actress: Vanessa Davis

Best Director: Latifa Amal-Schwarz

Popular Vote Runner Up: Not To Scale

Popular Vote Winner: Cheryl

Best Play: Not To Scale

"Not To Scale" and "Cheryl" will be back again in the Crash Test Drama 2018 Finals on 1 December. Looking forward to our last show for the year!