June 21 2019

Crash Test 2019 Round Three was another successful night, with every actor who turned up for auditions landing a part.

The first play was “I’ve Been Robbed” by Jeff Tabley with Latifa Amal-Schwarz as director. It featured an ensemble of Latifa Amal-Schwarz, Kieran Sinclair and Jeff Tabley.

Second up was “Susie Meets Her Match” by Gerry Greenland. Jyotsna Sharma directed Taufeeq Ahmed, Ruby-Rose Nalywajlio and Adam Dorrington. Jyotsna Sharma was the recipient of Best Actress for her performance in this play. This play was the Popular Vote Winner and we will be seeing them in the Crash Test Finals on 2 August.

Closing the first act was “Blameless”, by Jacque Vickers. Margaret Fitzgerald directed Glenn Levett and herself in this short play.

First after interval was “The Voucher”, written by Xeno Nemos and directed by Smita Bharti. This play starred Raef Kandil who won the Best Actor award, Alan Long, Carla DeLuca who won Best Actress Runner Up, Jacque Vickers and Jeff Tabley who took home Best Actor Runner Up.

Fifth for the evening was Michal Weiss’s “Egg Collection”. It was directed by Isaac Owen and featured Martina Donkers, Bindoo, Isaac Owen, Jesse McNeill and Divya Nagavara. This play won Best Play and was the Popular Vote Runner Up. We will be seeing them in the Crash Test Finals on 2 August 2019.

Rounding up the night was “Rhymes With A True Story” by Pete Malicki. Emily Haydon won the Best Director award for directing Brett Watkins in this funny monologue.

The Results

Tonight’s show was judged by Irene Nicola.

Best Actor Runner Up: Jeff Tabley

Best Actor: Raef Kandil

Best Actress Runner Up: Carla DeLuca

Best Actress: Jyotsna Sharma

Best Director: Emily Haydon

Popular Vote Runner Up: Egg Collection

Popular Vote Winner: Susie Meets Her Match

Best Play: Egg Collection

Congratulations to “Susie Meets Her Match” and “Egg Collection”, both of which have earned a spot in the Crash Test Finals on 2 August

Thanks to every single actor, writer and director who participated in the event and thank you once again to our wonderful venue and hosts, Darlo Drama.