August 31 2015

The second round of season two was a nice short evening of short plays. The evening had all seven plays coming in under 10 minutes. The second round was scheduled two week after the first round due to Sydney Fridge Festival taking place during September.

First play for the evening was “As Sinned Against As Sinning” written by Loueen Winters and directed by Mila Gisbert, who was awarded the Best Director award for her moving direction. Nicely crafted from the verses of Tracey Chapman’s song – Behind the Wall. Wonderful performances by Sally Williams as Mother, Joseph Caporrotta as Father, Georgie Neville as Daughter and Rafael Ben-Menushe as Son. Loueen Winters was awarded the Playwright’s Encouragement Award.

Second play was “JESUS Loves Me Yes I Know” written and directed by Felix Carlyle. Determined performances by Kirsty McGowan as Bronwin, Nick Subjak as Daniel, Lance Rice as Pissed off Guy and Joan Rodd as Concerned Woman.

Third up for the night was “Shades Of Little Grey Cells” written and directed by Jacque Vickers. Starring Mimi Parfatt as Lucy, Graham Yates as Mark and Sarah Robertson as Mix.

Last up before interval was “Gone” written by Nick Subjak and directed by Isaac Owen. “Gone” was awarded Judges Runner Up and will return to the Crash Test Finals on Monday, 30 November. Wonderful performances by Will Stevenson as Hugo, Kira Williams as Penelope, Nick Perry as Cassandra, Best Actor runner-up Simon Benjamin as Lawrence and TOAST D’bachamel as Death.

After the interval was “Chemistry Test” written and directed by Rugh Fingret. A witty and entertaining piece of comedy with a sharp #hashtag worthy ending. “Chemistry Test” won Popular Vote and was awarded the Judge’s Best Play. This play will also be back at the Crash Test Finals on Monday, 30 November. Stellar performances by Dudley Levell as Ross, which won him Best Actor and Rosemary Ghazi as Carol which won her Best Actress.

Next up was “Pack Up Your Troubles” written and directed by Brian Haydon. Lovely performances by Steve Allnut as George and Jay Duncan as Felix. “Pack Up Your Troubles” won Popular Vote Runner-Up.

Last up for the evening was “Pizza” written and directed by Don Lacey. Smooth performances by Davo Hardy as George, Rob White as Will, Katherine Babatzakis as Minnie, Don Lacy as Jimmy and Best Actress Runner-Up Nicole Torrode as Jamie.


Our judge for the evening was Deborah Mulhall, a long-term theatre artist with decades of experience under her belt. Her choice of winners were:

Best Actor: Dudley Levell

Best Actress: Rosemary Ghazi

Best Actor Runner Up: Simon Benjamin

Best Actress Runner Up: Nicole Torrode

Best Director: Mila Gisbert

Best Play: “Chemistry Test”

Best Play Runner Up: “Gone”Popular Vote Winner: “Chemistry Test”

Popular Vote Runner Up: “Pack Up Your Troubles”

Playwright’s Encouragement Award: Loueen Winters for “As Sinned Against As Sinning”

“Chemistry Test” and “Gone” have both won places in the Crash Test Finals to be hold on Monday, 30 November 2015.