October 2015

Season Two Round Three of Crash Test Drama 2015 was another one of those great nights where the number of auditionees perfectly matched the number of available roles.

First cab off the ranks was "Siri" by Isaac Owen, with Adrian Bitel directing. This Siri-go-cray-cray piece starred a large cast of Mickey Richards, Hrsae Ueno, Kazuyo Kitada, Ryan Bown and Cash Brown, with Liz Hovey as the titular role. "Siri" won both the Judge's Choice of Best Play and the Popular Vote, and will be back in the Crash Test Finals on Mon 30 November.

Second was new writer Sam Nixen's "Moist", a play about three cupcakes desperately hoping to be bought. It starred Kim Do, Nick Subjak and Best Actress Hilary Park.

Third up we had "Godfrey's Project", written by Paulene Turner and directed by Felicity Burke. The history of the Earth was summed up in 10 minutes, with thanks to Jackie Tran, Margareta Moir and Chris Nehme.

Colleen Henry's "Board To Death" closed act one. This whodunnit was directed by Jacque Vickers and starred Steve Allnut, Best Actress Runner Up Kathy Petrakis, Haroon Ghaffar and Marcela Hallett.

After the break was "Dog Park", written by Warren Glover and directed by Best Director James Gallaway. It was performed by Best Actor Runner Up Dudley Levell, Paige Ahearn, Leilani Loau and Will Stevenson. As Judge's Runner Up Best Play, "Dog Park" has won a spot in the Crash Test Drama Finals.

Sixth for the night was "The Rule Of Three" by Maree Santarossa. An uptight woman is sick of her neighbour being rude to her parents and gives him an extreme lesson in manners. Robert Allan directed Alice Furze and Best Actor Jay Duncan.

Seventh was "Named Second", written by Pete Malicki and directed by Rosemary Ghazi. Ever wondered why the elevator company is named ThyssenKrupp, not KruppThyssen? Jack Ngu starred alongside Amelia Morris.

To wrap the night, we had Con Nats' "Is It Too Soon", a cleverly written piece about the Sydney siege (and a whole lot of random stuff!). Unfortunately for the team, the play timed in at 14+ minutes and was heavily penalised in the vote. It starred Graham Yates and Robbie Gadsbey.

Thanks and congrats to all the artists who made this a great night!


Maggy Franklin from Theatre Time Sydney judged the show. Her choice of winners were:

Best Actor: Jay Duncan

Best Actress: Hilary Park

Best Actor Runner Up: Dudley Levell

Best Actress Runner Up: Kathy Petrakis

Best Director: James Gallaway

Best Play: “SIRI”

Best Play Runner Up: “Dog Park”

Popular Vote Winner: “SIRI”

Popular Vote Runner Up: “Moist”

Playwright’s Encouragement Award: Con Nats for “Is It Too Soon?”

“Dog Park" and “SIRIR” have both won places in the Crash Test Finals to be hold on Monday, 30 November 2015.