October 2016

Season Two Round Three Crash Test Drama – 10th October 2016

After a six week break, Crash Test Drama Sydney was back for Round Three. We hoped to replicate actor attendances from Round Two but alas with some tweaking and shuffling we only just had enough for the night. Once again we had a fun-filled night and we strongly encourage all actors to come along and enjoy the event with us!

Our six fantastic plays were:

The Somnambulist, written by Rolenda T Malen and directed by Adrian Bitel. This poetic monologue was performed by Best Actress Runner Up winner Justine Scali.

The 23rd Floor, written by Robert Sharpe and directed by Felix Carlyle. It starred Graham Yates as Gerry, Robert Sharpe as Dave, Best Actress winner Meili Bookluck as Cindy, and newcomer Pam Halusi as Susie. Robert Sharpe was awarded the Playwrights Encouragement Award.

Ten Minutes On A Train Platform, written by Felix Carlyle and directed by Margaret Fitzgerald. It starred Best Actor winner Isaac Owen as Gerard, Alice Furze as Fiona and a non-verbal appearance by director Margaret Fitzgerald as Mother. This play was awarded the judge’s choice of Runner Up Best Play. It has won a spot in the Crash Test Drama Final on Monday 12th December 2016.

Forgotten, written by Isaac Owen and directed by Ruth Fingret. This popular and funny play with a twist starred Depot Drumstick winner Uma Kali Shakti as Olive, Rosemary Ghazi as Mary, Ray Coyne as David, Warren Glover as Chris, and Colleen Henry as Old Mary. Ruth won Best Director and the play won the judge’s vote for Best Play and as well as the Popular Vote Winner. “Forgotten” has won a spot in the Crash Test Drama Final on Monday 12th December 2016.

2 Scenes From A Bench, written by Michal Weiss and directed by Virginie Laverdure. It starred Best Actor Runner Up Jay Duncan as Big Man, David Wiernik in the dual roles of Little Man and Thin Man, and the beautiful Clare Langsford as Fat Woman.

Mister Hipster Meets The Barista, written by Warren Glover and directed by Bryan McMahon. It starred Trevor Bechamel as Hipster and Katharine Babatzanis as Barista. It came second in the audience vote.

The Results
Our judge for the night was successful regular Crash Test writer and director Bob Ballinger.

Best Actor: Isaac Owen
Best Actress: Meili Bookluck
Best Actor Runner Up: Jay Duncan
Best Actress Runner Up: Justine Scali
Best Director: Ruth Fingret
Best Play: "Forgotten"
Best Play Runner Up: “Ten Minutes On A Train Platform”
Popular Vote Winner: "Forgotten"
Popular Vote Runner Up: “Mister Hipster Meets Barista”
Playwright’s Encouragement Award: Robert Sharpe for “The 23rd Floor”
Depot Drumstick Award: Uma Kali Shakti

Thanks again to everyone who came along, watched and participated in Crash Test Drama. Please join us for round four on Monday 7th November 2016 at the Depot Theatre, Marrickville.