October 5 2019

Season Two Round Two saw a new selection of plays and heaps of new faces to Crash Test Drama.

The show opened with "Nick Valentine in Beware the Red Gang" by Chris Ireland. Felix Carlyle directed a cast of Stephanie Dellzeit who picked up Best Actress Runner Up, Victoria Barkell who won Best Actress, Simon Buchner who picked up Best Actor Runner Up. Chris and Felix also played roles in this play.

"The Line" was up next. Felix Carlyle wrote this play and James Gallaway directed. “The Line” had a cast of Andrew Vial and Shivam Mehndiratta, with James Gallaway taking part.

Third was "Love Tangents", a funny play by Dalia Janavicius. “Love Tangents” was directed by Natalija Karna who picked up Best Director and had the following cast: Alice Furze, Best Actor Artie Gallagher, Martina Donkers, Jessica Lal and Prateek Chatterjee. “Love Tangents” won Judges Choice as well as the Popular Vote. We'll see it back in the Finals on Sat 7 Dec.

Fourth was "The End is Nighy". Frances Bowick wrote, Dana Lowe directed and Alan Long and Dana Lowe performed.

Coming up next was "Waiting for Summer" by Dana Lowe. Kolja Staack directed Veena Sudarshan and Cassandra Nesci.

Rounding up the show was "Cornstalks: Home for the Ages". Written by Victoria Barkell, Gavin Lowe directed Fran Bowick and Joan Rodd and also made an appearance himself.

The Results

Tonight’s show was judged by Crash Test Assistant Coordinator Alyssa Gillgren.

Best Actor Runner Up: Simon Buchner

Best Actor: Artie Gallagher

Best Actress Runner Up: Stephanie Dellzeit

Best Actress: Victoria Barkell

Best Director: Natalija Karna

Popular Vote Winner: Love Tangents

Best Play: Nick Valentine in Beware the Red Gang

Congratulations to “Love Tangents" and “Nick Valentine in Beware the Red Gang” which are on their way to the Crash Test Finals on Saturday 7 December.

Thanks to every single actor, writer and director who participated in the event and thank you once again to our wonderful venue and hosts, Darlo Drama.

The team behind "Love Tangents" below