July 2017

Round Two for the year was another roaring success, with a batch of 7 new plays and a whole tonne of fun had by all.

The first play was "The Interrogation", written by Chris Naylor and directed by Don Lacey, who also played Brad. This high-energy play starred Lance Rice as Stan and Raj Krishnan as Clay.

Second up was "The Spanish Room", which Larry Kelly directed and won Best Director for. Popular all around, it won the judge's choice of Best Play and was the Popular Vote Winner, earning it a spot in the Crash Test Drama Finals on Tue 7 November. This play starred Rob White, Ann Elbourne, Best Actress Runner Up Rizcel Gagawanan, and writer Craig Delahoy.

Third was "Lady Delia's Gloves" by Davo Hardy. Margaret Fitzgerald directed Alice Furze as Delia, Nick Subjak as James and Tim Tari as the naval officer. Davo won the Playwright's Encouragement Award for his interesting historical drama.

Closing act one was "We Do What We Have To". Felicity Burke directed Paul Byrne as Clarence and Best Actor Winner Paul McKenzie as Harold. Don Lacey was the writer.

The fifth play was "Waiting For Convo", written by Pete Greenaway with Lisa Kelaher directing. It starred Best Actor Runner Up Isaac Owen, Jess Davis, Clare Hattersley and Michael Cornell. "Waiting For Convo" goes through to the Finals on 7 Nov as the Best Play Runner Up.

Sixth was Crash Test Coordinator's 70th play, "Australia - Danger Island". Warren Glover directed Addie Fowler, who did an incredible job and won Best Actress for her efforts. This monologue came second in the Popular Vote.

Finally, we had Warren Glover's "A Night On The Ward". Glenn Levett directed Jay Duncan as Stavros, Mark Fowler as Harry, Alan Long as Elgin and Uma Kali Shakti as Nurse Lee.

The Results

New Short+Sweet Sydney Festival Coordinator, Katrina Ortolan, was our gracious judge for the evening. The following plays and artists won awards:

Best Actor: Paul McKenzie

Best Actress: Addie Fowler

Best Actor Runner Up: Isaac Owen

Best Actress Runner Up: Rizcel Gagawanan

Best Director: Larry Kelly

Best Play: "The Spanish Room"

Best Play Runner Up: “Waiting For Convo”

Popular Vote Winner: "The Spanish Room"

Popular Vote Runner Up: “Australia - Danger Island”

Playwright’s Encouragement Award: Davo Hardy for “Lady Delia's Gloves”