July 2014 FINALS

July 14, 2013

Our first Crash Test Drama season finals at the New Theatre in Newtown went off with a bang.  Performing to our biggest crowd ever (extra seating helps) the crowd was settled in, feeling nice and warm inside out of the cold while the actors were ready to show their stuff.    

Starting off the evening was Coordinator Pete Malicki’s “Solar”, directed by Michelle Sewell.  Lucy Green starred as the polar bear, alongside Best Actor Runner Up Badai Maftuh-Flynn as the hipster marketing guy. Badai had also won Best Actor Runner Up last month for the some role.

Second was the haunting play “They Mean Everything To Me” written by Peter Tucker and directed by Sahn Millington. Stellar performance by Best Actress Winner Alice Furze as Evie a woman and mother trapped inside a cruel world. Alice was wonderfully supported by Dean Dunstone as Terry and Colleen Henry as the Mental Health Worker.

Third was Best Director winner Alex Broun’s “Afterwards”.  A play based on true stories of sexual abuse. Five different woman shared their stories about shame, pain and wounds that we hope time will heal. Amazing performances by Louise Wildman, Milly Caley, Diley Alanca, Alannah Robertson and Ambika Asthana.

Last up before interval was “The Runner” written and directed by Wayne Mitchell. This wonderful and witty play won Popular Vote Runner Up even after losing five penalty points for running over time. Best Actress Winner Alice Furze was wonderful again in her second role for the evening with Jamie Merendino as Nige and Graham Yates as Pinto.

After interval was “Cabinet The Musical” written and directed by Coordinator Georgie Edwards who won the Playwright’s Encouragement Award. Jen Jackson stepped in at the last minute (at interval) to perform the role of Julia Gillard and did a wonderful job in bringing the play to the stage after the scheduled actress had to pull out last minute due to family illness.

“Life is Sweet” written by Trish Koutrodimos and directed by Wayne Mitchell once again won the Popular Vote and now wins a spot in Short+Sweet Sydney 2015. This funny and offbeat play starred Raechel Carlson, Luke Middlebrook and Best Actor Runner up Badai Maftuh-Flynn in his second role for the evening.

Next was “Many Apps Make Light Living”, written by Bob Ballinger and directed by Kathy Petrakis. It starred Best Actor winner Michael Smith and Rosemary Ghazi and won the Judge’s award for Best Play and now goes directly into Short+Sweet Sydney 2015.

Finally was the hilarious “Put That Coffee Down!” written and directed by Toast D’Bechamel.  It featured Best Actress Runner Up Georgina Neville, alongside Megan Captaine, Lucy Fenton and David Attrill.

The Results

Our Judges for the evening were Con Nats and Dave Bulmer

Best Actor: Michael Smith
Best Actress: Alice Furze
Best Actor Runner Up:
Badai Maftuh-Flynn
Best Actress Runner Up: Georgina Neville
Best Director: Alex Broun
Best Play:
“Many Apps Make Light Living”

Popular Vote Winner: "Life is Sweet"
Popular Vote Runner Up: "The Runner"