October 2013

It was a wonderful hot spring day in Sydney, a long weekend and our first ever Sunday afternoon show that started off the second season of 2013. With 17 roles to fill and only 14 actors turning up to audition I knew it was going to be challenging afternoon. Thanks to all the wonderful actors, directors and writers we were able to put our heads together put on a wonderful afternoon of new theatre. A big thank you to Raj Muneshwar who stepped up and took on the role of Judge for the day, you rock!

Starting off the afternoon was the wonderful play "Acceptance Speech" written and directed by Crash Test Drama regular Simon Tonkin. Great performances by Debbie Tilley as Carla and Best Actor winner Jim Gosden as Pete.

Second up was "As A Great Man Once Said" by writer/director Robert Armstrong. This wonderful and witty play won the popular vote and has made its way into the finals. Excellent performances by James Hartley as Liam and Melanie Anderson as Alfie.

Next up was the hilarious "Handy Pants" written and directed by James Gallaway. Being short of actors on the day James stepped in to perform the role of Andy and picked himself up the Best Actor Runner Up award and Alice Furze was on the mark once again with her performance as Angela.

Last up before interval was "Glitter On His Eyelids" written by the talented Sue Lewington and directed by Tom Richards. Diana Lovett was stellar in her role as the Vixen and was awarded Best Actress Runner Up with a strong performance by Mark Lawless as Herman.

First up after interval was "Furniture" written by Kathryn Yuen and directed by Vee Malnar. Wendy and Sally were brought to life with wonderful performance by Olga Pagrati and Natalie Kahlefeldt.

Next up was "Recreational Hazards" written by Crash Test Newcomer Jillian Wade. This funny and offbeat play was wonderful directed by Best Director winner Nir Shelter and polled in second place in the Popular Vote. Great performances by Amber Kent as Lily, Di Mifsud as Phyllis, Bill Jorden as Ted and myself Georgie Edwards as Piper.

Last play for the night was "Fear and Trembling" written by Peter Tucker and directed by Michael Taylor. Being short of men on the day the main roles were filled by two wonderful actress, Annie Thompson as Abraham, Mariama Whitton as Isaac and Peter Tucker getting his 15 second of fame with his lines as The Director. The roles were still kept as male and both girls did a wonderful job. The play was awarded Judges pick as Best Play and won first timer Mariama Whitton the Best Actress Award. Congrats to "Fear and Trembling" on their win and look forward to seeing this play again in the final in December.

The Results

Judge Raj Muneshwar

Best Actor: Jim Gosden

Best Actress: Mariama Whitton

Best Actor Runner Up: James Gallaway

Best Actress Runner Up: Diana Lovett

Best Director: Nir Shelter

Best Play: "Fear and Trembling"

Popular Vote Winner: "As A Great Man Once Said"

Popular Vote Runner Up: "Recreational Hazards"