August 2013 FINALS

Crash Test Drama 2013 Season One is over. It was a great show, with a packed audience and strong work all around. A huge congratulations to the artists who helped put the show together – our actors, directors and writers.

The first play for the evening was “Plane Crazy”, written and directed by Kathy Petrakis. This energetic play about a ‘terrorist’ in the skies featured an ensemble of Graham Yates, Yannick Lawry, Mercedes Estevez, Michael Smith, Vee Malnar, Dean Malnar and Manny Said. Fun times!

Second was “King Of The Tip”, written by Dave Burrowes and directed by Kathy Petrakis. A homeless man finds a plastic crown and becomes the subject of much worship. Tis entertaining piece starred Robert Sharpe, Alex Cubis and Jim Gosden.

Third was “The Arrest”, written by James Hartley and expertly directed by Joy Roberts. A man finds himself the victim of a case of, well, mistaken police intelligence when he’s arrested for being on Facebook. Enthusiastic and fun performances from Micah Joel, James Shepherd, Tahera Alikhan, Matt Rose and Donna Randall helped this play win the Popular Vote and a spot in Short+Sweet Sydney 2014 Top 80.

The fourth play was Graeme Cruise’s “The Final Exam”, which was directed by comedy champion Craig Delahoy. Had it not been penalised for being almost two minutes overtime it would have come equal first in the Popular Vote. Great performances from Joan Rodd, Deborah Bradshaw and director Craig (as God).

Rounding up act one was “The Colour”, written by winner of the Playwright’s Encouragement Award Peter Tucker. Mila Gisbert directed this play about cavemen exploring the world of art, among other things. Joshua Ragiano starred alongside Ricky Klein.

First up after interval was “Moonage Daydream”, written by Vee Malnar and directed by Tom Richards. A couple can’t find their car and discuss the wife’s great love for David Bowie in this entertaining play. It swept up the awards: Judges’ Choice (and it’s won a spot in the Top 80 of Short+Sweet Sydney 2014), Best Actor for Greg Wilken, Best Actress for Jennifer McGrath and Best Director for Tom Richards. Well done team!

Seventh for the night was “Some Other Toy”, written and directed by Fleur Beaupert. This great comedy missed out on the Popular Vote by a mere vote. Stellar performances from Alice Furze as the woman with a lost sex toy and Kim Do – Best Actress Runner Up – as the Sex Mex robot slash voice recording.

Eighth was Kathryn Yuen’s “Carraway And Gats”, directed by Crash Test regular Jacque Vickers. This almost-monologue is a parallel to The Great Gatsby (though Kathryn assures us she hasn’t seen the Baz version yet) and featured a great performance from Lorenzo Ruru, who won Best Actor Runner Up. Matt Thomson made an appearance at the end as Gats.

Rounding up the night and Season One was Chris Naylor’s “Hotel Grand”, directed by the awesomely lovely Jamie Livingstone. A hotel, American tourists, honeymooners and bed bugs made for quite the recipe. It starred Jim Gosden, Jay Kallaway, Amanda Mikhael, Kathy Petrakis and Rebekah Roma.

Thank you to all the artists who put it so much hard work to make this show happen. It was a very entertaining night. An extra special thanks to Georgie Edwards for hosting the show and being our invaluable Co-Coordinator.


Judges Christine Greenough, Jackie Greenland and Gerry Greenland had a tough time as always deciding on the awards for the night. The results are as follows:

Best Play – Moonage Daydream

Best Actor – Greg Wilken

Best Actor Runner-Up – Lorenzo Ruru

Best Actress – Jennifer McGrath

Best Actress Runner-Up – Kim Do

Best Director - Tom Richards

People’s Choice – The Arrest

People’s Choice Runner-Up – Some Other Toy

Playwright’s Encouragement Award – Peter Tucker (The Colour)

Congrats in particular to “Moonage Daydream” and “The Arrest”, both of which have won a place in the Top 80 of Short+Sweet Sydney 2014.

Season Two dates will be announced soon. We’re just trying to work around the busy schedule of the Sydney Fringe. Keep an eye on this website or subscribe to our mailing list to be kept up to date.

Best wishes,

Pete Malicki and Georgie Edwards


Crash Test Drama