October 27 2018

Round Four of Crash Test kicked off "Stellar Collison" by Leonie Jordan. Natalia Karna directed this two hander featuring Andrew Vial as Adam and Lorraine Toweel as Katelyn.

The second play was "A Moment", written by Hasitha Adhikariarachchi, who won Playwright's Encouragement Award for her first ever script. Alyssa Gillgren directed Eveline Schubert and Ellie Warren in this sweet production.

Next was Bob Ballinger's "A Mobile Affair". Latifa Amal-Schwarz directed, with a cast of Matt Thomson, Hasitha Adhikariarachchi and Best Actress Runner Up Alice Furze. This play won the Popular Vote and will be back in Crash Test Drama's Finals on 1 December.

Fourth was "Mesaventure", a fun play featuring Best Actress Margaret Olive, Isabelle Kritzinger, Isaac Owen (who also directed), Julia Nozhnitski, Lee Thornton (who was the writer) and Alan Long.

Fifth up was "Robowaiter", Chris Naylor's fun comedy which Best Director Margaret Fitzgerald took the helm of - and performed in. It co-starred Best Actor Rob Thompson and Florence La Carbona. "Robowaiter" won the Judge's Choice for Best Play and will be back in the Crash Test Finals on 1 Dec.

Closing the evening was "The Parish Of Moombooldool", written by Terence Bourke and directed by Leonie Jordan. It featured Best Actor Runner Up Davo Hardy alongside Maria Karambelas and writer Terence.

The Results

Round Four was judged by Edric Hong, one of the most awarded Crash Test actors.

Best Actor Runner Up: Davo Hardy

Best Actor: Rob Thompson

Best Actress Runner Up: Alice Furze

Best Actress: Margaret Olive

Best Director: Margaret Fitzgerald

Playwright’s Encouragement Award: Hasitha Adhikariarachchi for "A Moment"

Popular Vote Runner Up: Mesaventure

Popular Vote Winner: A Mobile Affair

Best Play: Robowaiter

Congratulations to “A Mobile Affair” and “Robowaiter”, both of which have earned a spot in the Crash Test Finals on 1 Dec.

Thanks as always to the actors, writers and directors who participated in the event and to our wonderful and generous venue and hosts, Darlo Drama.