October 2011

Crash Test Drama had its second show for its second season on Monday, 10 October 2011, with eight brand new Sydney plays brought to life by as many directors and 20 actors. Only 2 play went over 10 minute mark but were still under 11 minutes, which saved them from losing 5 points.

First play of the evening was Jane Austen Made Me Do It, written and directed by Deborah Mulhall. Cathy performed by Michela Caratlini was on a mission to convince Henry, performed by Best Actor James Hartley, that going to a Jane Austen festival was only going to make their love stronger. But who convinced who in the end.

Second was It's Important written by Sean Gibney and directed by Murray Robertson. It's only natural to want to consummate your marriage isn't it? They were Frank’s thoughts on the matter, performed by Michele Antonio. His new wife Mary, performed by Irene Kokotatsios, didn't totally agree with him on what is the most important thing.

Next up was Jacque Vickers Princess Charming. Jacque, who normally puts on the director’s hat at Crash Test Drama, put together her first short play, which she also directed on the night. Princess Charming had strong performances from Alicia Gonzalez as Emma, Tony Bradley as Josh and Catherine Higgins as Kate.

Forth up was Cage in A Prisoner written and directed by David Attrill. David is an avid performer, writer and director. David was well-supported in his writing by the perfect timing of Lynden Jones and Sheila Fielding as the husband and wife.

After the interval was The Dominatrix written by Sue Lewington, who is a first-time writer at Crash Test Drama, with Adrian Bitel as director. The play won both the Judges and Popular vote on the night, with Adrian winning a prize as best director. Clare Martin, who won best actress, performed ever-so-convincingly the role of the Vixen, with Alex Coreli as Earle the first time client.

Up next was Two Guys on a Night Out written by Kathryn Yuen, who won our playwrights encouragement award for the night. The play was directed by Karly Pisano with Leo Domigan and Nathan Hitchins as the two males out on the hunt for a lovely lady – or anything that would have them. Kelly Cameron was the lady who found her slightly attached to one of the men but found that her messages were going straight over his head.

Second last was All In Good Time, written by Vee Malnar and directed by Uma Kali Shakti. Perfect comical timing from Samantha Roylance as Andria and Robert Zavadszky as Mark scored them both runner up actress and actor prizes for the night, with great support from Garreth Cruikshank as Simon.

Last up was Un_Subordinating, written and directed by Nir Shelter. Goad, or is it God, was performed by Richard Mason, with Rip performed by Pat Brennan as his hard working/loyal student. Rip proved that when you really want something in life (like acting in Newtown) and have the support from your test subject/new best mate Davo, performed by Bill Jordan, even you can beat the odds - or God - and live your dreams.

The Results

Our judges for the night were Jerry Sont and Steven McGrath.

Popular Vote First Place: The Dominatrix

Wins a place in Crash Test Drama 2011 Season Two Finals

Written by Sue Lewington

Directed by Adrian Bitel

Popular Vote Runner Up: It's Important

Written by Sean Gibney

Directed by Murray Robertson

Judge's Choice: The Dominatrix

Written by Sue Lewington

Directed by Adrian Bitel

Judge's Second Choice: All in Good Time

Wins a place in Crash Test Drama 2011 Season Two Finals

Written by Vee Malnar

Directed by Uma Kali Shakti

Best Actor: James Hartley (from Jane Austen Made Me Do It

Best Actor Runner-Up: Robert Zavadszky (from All in Good Time)

Best Actress: Clare Martin (from The Dominatrix)

Best Actress Runner-Up: Samantha Roylance (from All in Good Time)

Best Director: Adrian Bitel (from The Dominatrix)

Playwright's Encouragement Award: Kathryn Yuen (from Two Guys on a Night Out)

A huge thank you to Georgie Edwards for MC-ing the night and and helping to run the show.

Next Crash Test is Mon 7th November. Hope to catch you there!