September 1 2018

Crash Test Drama has been rebooted for 2018 in a brand new venue on a new night of the week. Darlo Drama have proven themselves to be exemplary hosts, providing a perfect space with plenty of room to rehearse and an intimate stage. We staged six brand new plays never before seen in Sydney, with a massive turnout of actors.

Opening the season was “Elaine’s Funeral” by Isaac Owen, directed by Meili Bookluck. This play starred Roxie Vuong, James Sugrue and Best Actress winner Ateka Ringrose. Unfortunately, “Elaine’s Funeral” went over the time limit and was disqualified from the Judge’s Choice for Best Play.

The second play was “The Rescue”, written by David Leavitt and directed by Isaac Owen. It starred an ensemble cast of Rochelle Nolan, Haroon Gaffar, Robert Sharpe, Matthew Kerr, Debbie Tilley, Christine Huyh, Andrew Riddiford and James Yu.

Up next was “The Conversation”, written by the gorgeous Teresa Plane. Emily Haydon directed Mickey Richards and Amanda Yates, with an appearance from the youthful Elizabeth Morris. Other than being the only play that met the time limit, “The Conversation” was the Popular Vote award and a spot in the Crash Test Finals on the 1st December.

After the interval came Pete Greenaway’s “Around The World In 80 Dangers”. Best Director Felix Carlyle took the helm and the cast were Best Actor Edric Hong and Best Actor Runner Up Gaurav Kharbanda. The play was sadly disqualified from the Judge’s Choice Award but it won Popular Vote Runner Up despite losing 10 votes. We’ll no doubt see it again on a Sydney stage.

Fifth for the evening was “The Crucifixion Of Pinochio” written by Ann Nilsson and directed by Ann Elbourne. It featured Lorraine Toweel, Annie Tjetjep, Brian Sullivan, Carolina Portugal and Esther Adelhardt on SFX.

Rounding up the evening was “Happy Birthday” by Allan West. Ruth Fingret directed Best Actress Runner Up Eveline Schubert and Greg Wilken, with a voiceover from Davo Hardy. This play won Best Play and will be back in the Finals on 1st December.

The Results
Our judge for tonight was Head of Acting at AFTT and co-owner of Darlo Drama, Glen Hamilton. Glen had the unenviable task of picking the winners from among the talent on display.

Best Actor Runner Up: Gaurav Kharbanda
Best Actor: Edric Hong
Best Actress Runner Up: Eveline Schubert
Best Actress: Ateka Ringrose
Best Director: Felix Carlyle
Playwright’s Encouragement Award: David Leavitt for “The Rescue”
Popular Vote Runner Up: Around The World In 80 Dangers
Popular Vote Winner: The Conversation
Best Play: Happy Birthday

Congratulations to “Happy Birthday” and “The Conversation”, which have both earned a spot in the Crash Test Finals on 1 Dec.

Thanks to all the actors, writers and directors for participating and thanks again to our generous hosts Darlo Drama.