August 2019 FINALS

Crash Test Drama 2019 Season 1 Finals - 2 August 2019
Tonight we showcased the best short plays from Crash Test Drama from season 1.

Kicking off the evening was “‘Lemon”, written and directed by Katrina Samaras. This short play featured Kara Leigh Cooper who took home Best Actress Runner Up, William Baltyn and Rosie Dawson

Second was Isaac Owen’s  “Odd”, directed by Natalija Karna. This outstanding monologue featured Heather King whose performance of a sock scored her Best Actress.

Third was “The Experiment” written by Sharlene Zeederberg and directed by Pete Greenway. The Experiment consisted of Isaac Owen and Anthony Thomas.

Fourth up was “The Seagull” by Fran Bowick. Danielle Castles led a cast of Adam Dorrington, Jeffery Tabley who took home Best Actor Runner Up and Andrew Vial. "The Seagull" also scored Best Play Runner Up and Popular Vote Runner Up and we will be seeing these guys up on stage during Short+Sweet Sydney 2020.

Next up was “Susie Meets Her Match”, written by Gerry Greenland and directed by Jyotsna Sharma who took home Best Director and led Debbie Tilley, Jay Duncan who took home Best Actor, Katy Rachel Moore and Adam Dorrington to win Best Play and Popular Vote Winner. We will be seeing them on stage again at Short+Sweet Sydney 2020.

Following was Michal Weiss’s “Egg Collection”, which Isaac Owen directed a cast comprising of Bindoo, Amy Hofman, Isaac Owen and Jesse McNeil. 

Finally was “What Happens In A Chemist Stays In A Chemist”, written by Alyssa Gillgren and directed by Ruth Fingret. This play consisted of the fabulous cast of Alice Furze, Isaac Owen and Amy Hofman.

The results
Our judge for this evening was Craig Walker, who had the tough job of picking many of the awards for the night.

Best Actor Runner Up: Jeffrey Tabley
Best Actor: Jay Duncan
Best Actress Runner Up: Kara Leigh Cooper
Best Actress: Heather King
Best Director: Jyotsna Sharma
Best Play: Susie Meets Her Match
Best Play Runner Up: The Seagull
Popular Vote Winner: Susie Meets Her Match
Popular Vote Runner Up: The Seagull

Congrats to “Susie Meets Her Match” and “The Seagull” which won spots in the Top 80 of Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2020!

And thank you for a great season, to all of our actors, writers, directors and audience members who make the event possible.