September 22 2018

Round Two of Crash Test Drama was another big success, with every single actor who turned up for auditions getting cast. The plays all ran under time so no penalties were given – a relief after 4 of 6 plays from Round One losing votes.

The first play was “Lady Macdeath”, directed by Felix Carlyle. It starred Greg Wilken as Duncan, Alice Furze as Aerin and Denise Metzger as Bailey. Talin Agon won Playwright’s Encouragement Award for her first ever play.

Second up was “Witchipoo”, written by Francis Bowick and directed by Isaac Owen. It featured Best Actress Runner Up Amy Gordon, Rosanne Bersten, Joan Rodd and Best Actor Runner Up Edric Hong. “Witchipoo” was the Popular Vote Runner Up and the Judge’s Choice Runner Up and has won its way into December’s Crash Test Drama Finals.

Third was “Pool” by Ridwan Hassim. Latifa Amal-Schwarz directed a huge cast of Amanda Yates, Haroon Ghaffar, Pervin Rajah, Gaurav Kharbanda, Andrew Riddiford, Teresa Plane, Bianca Gomez, Manny Basran and Cuauh Moreno. Phew!

Opening act two was “Cook”, written by Stephen Larkman and directed by Kate Hrayssi. This won almost every award possible: Popular Vote Winner, Judge’s Choice of Best Play, Best Actor for Tom Harwood, Best Actress for Esther Adelhardt and Best Director for Kate. It also starred a small role from Nader Uboh. We’ll be seeing this play again in the Crash Test Finals.

Fifth for the evening was “Stuck” written by Guy Davies and directed by Ruth Fingret. “Stuck” starred Paula Williams, Haki Pepo Olu Crisden, Glen Levett and Alan Long.

Finally, we had “Alternate Affliction” written and directed by Nick Subjak. George O’Keeffe starred as The Demon in this monologue.

The Results

Tonight’s judge was playwright Sonal Moore, who was tasked with picking many of the following award winners:

Best Actor Runner Up: Edric Hong

Best Actor: Tom Harwood

Best Actress Runner Up: Amy Gordon

Best Actress: Esther Adelhardt

Best Director: Kate Hrayssi

Playwright’s Encouragement Award: Talin Agon for “Lady Macdeath”

Popular Vote Runner Up: Witchipoo

Popular Vote Winner: Cook

Best Play Runner Up: Witchipoo

Best Play: Cook

Congratulations to “Witchipoo” and “Cook”, which have both earned a spot in the Crash Test Finals on 1 Dec.

Thanks to all the actors, writers and directors for participating and a massive thank you to our wonderful hosts Darlo Drama.