July 2013

Our third round of Crash Test was one of the best we've had in a long while, with the bar set high for next month. The scripts were great, the acting and directing solid, and everyone was really nice (go you!).

Kicking off the night was Fleur Beaupert's play "Some Other Toy", which she both wrote and directed. Alice Furze played the woman with a sey toy lost in a private place and Kim Do played the help line robot. This play came in equal first in the audience vote and has won a spot in the Crash Test Finals on 19th August.

Second up was "Powerful Negative Loop" by new writer Amanda Mihalakopoulos. Mila Gisbert stepped in to direct, with a cast of Sina Nematian as Lewis, David Owens as Wilcox and Lisa Huynh as Feathers. Timing in at 6:50, there's room to flesh out this idea some more. Congrats on the strong performances.

Third was "Mango", a monologue written and directed by Crash Test supporter and nice guy Robert Renshaw. This entertaining play was performed solidly by William Maher, and Robert was awarded the Playwright's Encouragement Award for his continued efforts and improvements as a writer.

Next up was "Termination", written and directed by Rob White. This drama about an Arab being arrested as a suspected assassin unfortunately blew the time limit and was ineligible for the judging award at 12+ mins. It starred Hanis Ashri, Joan Rodd, Emily Pollard and our MC and Co-Coordinator Georgie Edwards.

Closing act one was "Bringing Work Home", written and directed by Simon Tonkin. What happens when a race call announcer or phone operator can't separate their professional life and their love life? This entertaining piece featured Amanda Mikhael and Jason Kallaway, who won Best Actor Runner Up.

The second act started off with "Plane Crazy", written and directed by Kathy Petrakis. It starred an ensemble of Graham Yates, James Kovea-Vueti, Michael Smith, Sina Nematian (again!), Vee Malnar and Mercedes Estevez, with Kathy doing the voice of the pilot. It was awarded the Judges Choice for Best Play and will be back in the Crash Test Finals.

Play number seven was another audience winner: "Moonage Daydream" by Vee Malnar, with Tom Richards directing. Annie Thompson, who won Best Actress Runner Up, starred alongside Best Actor Greg Wilken. This is the third play from the night to be invited to the Crash Test Finals in August.

The eighth play was Sonal Moore's "There's An App For That", directed by Crash Test newcomer Steph Sheehan. This strong drama took a look at the possible repercussions of texting while driving, with great performances by Sheila Fielding and Best Actress winner Rosemary Ghazi.

Finally, we had Pete Greenaway's "Shelter", which Crash Test veteran Jacque Vickers directed. The play would have come in equal first in the popular vote had it not timed in at 11:58, narrowly missing out on disqualification. Actors Jack Ngu, Toola Andrianopoulos and Clare Martin all did fantastic jobs as dogs in a shelter. Most entertaining indeed.

Congrats to "Moonage Daydream", "Plane Crazy" and "Some Other Toy" which all made it to the Finals.


The wonderful writer/director Con Nats judged for us again, stating it was the most difficult heat of Crash Test he's ever had to judge with 5x plays all fighting for a spot at the top of his list. HIs picks were:

Best Actor: Greg Wilken

Best Actress: Rosemary Ghazi

Best Actor Runner Up: Jason Kallaway

Best Actress Runner Up: Annie Thompson

Best Director: Kathy Petrakis

Best Play: "Plane Crazy"

Popular Vote Winners: "Some Other Toy" and "Moonage Daydream"

Playwright’s Encouragement Award: Robert Renshaw for "Mango"

Thanks again to all those wonderful people who pooled their talents to make Crash Test Drama happen. One more round to go on 5th August before the Finals two weeks after that.

Pete + Georgie