Nov 2015

Crash Test's last heat for 2015 was another one of those great shows where every actor who auditioned got a part. We had a large number of newcomers turn up, which is great to see after 7.5 years! Hopefully they had fun and come back with friends next time.

The first play was "The Evelyn", written by Tom Davidson and directed by Amelia Morris. It starred Don Lacey as Mark, Donna Stoilova as Tiffany and Brittany Constable as Evelyn.

Second was "The Religionistas", written and directed by Faith de Savigne. Cash Brown was Allegra, Isabella Jessup was Autumn and Haroon Gaffar played as Omar. Faith was awarded the Playwright's Encouragement Award for her efforts.

Third was Kazuyo Kitada's "Family Devotion", directed by Isaac Owen. Belinda Anderson-Hunt, Josh Pearce, Mickey Richards and Best Actress Alice Furze performed this play, which also won the Judge's Choice for Best Play and will be back in the Crash Test Drama Season Two Finals on Mon 23 Nov.

Rounding up the first act was "The Museum", written by Jennie Bazell and directed by Jan McLachlan. The cast were Ricky Klein as Carl, Leanne Mangan as Cody and Erin Connor as Karin.

Alex Broun's "Team Vixen" kicked off act two, with Kingsley at the helm as director. This play starred Best Actor Graham Yates, Hilary Park, Kiara Williams, Billie-Rose Crane, Phillip Whelan and Hilary Park.

The show's sixth play was "The Exchange", written by Carla DeLuca and directed by Martin Grelis. Toast d'Bechamel starred as Sam, Jay Duncan was Harry and Debbie Tilley played Edwina.

Seventh was Amelia Morris and Rana Meyer's "Two Clowns Too Many". Matt Popp won Best Director for his work with Marcela Hallett, Robert Sharpe, Alan Long (Best Actor Runner Up), Davo Hardy, Rommel oliva and Neil khare.

Finally, we had "Walked Over" by Graham Yates, with Tom Richards as director. Robbie Gadsbey starred as Harold, and Best Actress Runner Up Margaret Turner played Valerie. As the Popular Vote Winner, this play is returning alongside "Family Devotion" in the Finals on Mon 23rd Nov.

Writer and director Sonal Moore had the unenviable task of judging the show. Her pick of the winners were:

Best Actor: Graham Yates
Best Actress: Alice Furze
Best Actor Runner Up: Alan Long
Best Actress Runner Up: Margaret Turner
Best Director: Matt Popp
Best Play: “Family Devotion
Popular Vote Winner: “Walked Over
Popular Vote Runner Up: “Family Devotion”
Playwright’s Encouragement AwardFaith de Savigne for The Religionistas

Family Devotion" and “Walked Over” have both won places in the Crash Test Finals to be hold on Monday, 23 November 2015. See y'all then!