Dr. Donald Malcolm MacArthur (born 1931)

Dr. Donald MacArthur, 1966 (age 35)Portrait image above (1966) : [HP00C1][GDrive]Portrait is from 1966 (June) -  Army R, D & A. Magazine, Volume 7 : Full year PDF - [HP002T][GDrive]

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1988 (Dec 2) - Obituary ; Donald MacArthur Died Nov 27 1988 at the airport  (founder of Dynamac)

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[Dr. Donald Malcolm MacArthur (born 1931)], 57, president of [Dynamac Corporation] of Rockville, Md. . died Nov. 27 at the  Austin Airport in Texas.

He and his wife were returning to their home in Bethesda after spending a family Thanksgiving at the L.B.J. Ranch. Mrs. MacArthur is a daughter of the late Tony Taylor, who died two years ago, former owner of The Old Mexico Shop in Santa Fe. She also is a niece of Mrs. Lyndon H. Johnson.

Mr. Mac.Arthur, who was  well known in Washington and Scotland,  was a scientist and businessman. In 1970 he founded the Dynamac Corp., which specialized in providing technical services in environmental and health sciences, engineering, and information management and computer systems. The company now has 12 offices and employs more than 500 people. 

Mr. MacArthur was bprn Jan. 7, 1931, in Detroit, Michigan, of Scottish parents who had emigrated from the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides to escape hard times. In 1933 the family returned to the Isle of Lewis.

Mr. MacArthur was raised in the village of Carloway, at the age of 8, was enrolled in the Nicholson Institute in Stornoway where he received his primary and secondary education. He was a scholarship student at St. Andrew's University and was awarded a bachelor of science with honors in 1954. He received a doctorate from Edinburgh University in 1957. 

He returned to the United States in 1957 and joined the faculty of the University of Connecticut at Storrs. From 1958 to 1966, he was with Melpar Inc., where he developed the Life Science Laboratories and directed the Chemistry and Life Sciences Division. From 1966 to 1970 he was deputy director of research and engineering in the office of the secretary of defense. 

Mr. MacArthur was a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the American Chemical Society, the: American Association of the Advancement of Science and the National Association of Life Sciences and industries.

He sometimes referred to himself as a foreigner in his native land. Although born in the United States he was a Gaelic-speaking Hebridean Scot who maintained strong ties with this ancestral land. He visited Scotland frequently and was an active in the alumni association at St. Andrew's University. He was secretary of the St. Andrew's Society of Washington D.C..

Surviors include his wife, Diana MacArthur [see Diana Lee Taylor (born 1933)] of Betesda; two stepchildren,  Alexander Tschursin of Santa Fe and Elizabeth Tschursin of Bethesda;  his father, Donald John MacArthur of the Isle of Lewis, Scotland; two brothers, Angus MacArthur of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, and John MacArthur of Glasgow, Scotland; and two sisters, Catherine Stewart of Perth Australia, and Christine Ann MacLeod of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

At the time of his death, Mr. MacArthur was involved in raising funds to build the Bethesda Nursing Home on the Isle of Lewis. 

Evidence Timeline

1901 - Census - 1901 England, Wales & Scotland Census - Is this his father? 

Record Transcription:  1901 England, Wales & Scotland Census  /   57, Uig, Carloway, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland

1923 (April) - Father "Donald John MacArthur (born 1899)" heading to Canada (Quebec / Montreal)

Full sheet - [HJ000E][GDrive]

Another? This is March 28th, Glasgow to halifax ... ?? 

 - https://search.findmypast.com/record?id=TNA%2FBT27%2F0999%2F00%2F0061%2FP%2F0007F&parentid=TNA%2FBT27%2F0999000061%2F00211 

Other travel? 1929 - https://search.findmypast.com/record?id=TNA%2FBT27%2F1230%2F00%2F0036%2FP%2F0008F&parentid=TNA%2FBT27%2F1230000036%2F00190 

1930 - Father "Donald John MacArthur" Married,  and living in Detroit - polisher at an auto plant ?

Full US Census sheet, 1930 Detroit - [HS0038][GDrive]  

1932 (October) - Family traveling back to Scotland

Full sheet - [HJ000G][GDrive]   

1957 - "Young Donald MacArthur Returned to the United States [...] and joined the faculty of the University of Connecticut at Storrs"


1958 to 1966 - "Was with Melpar Inc., where he developed the Life Science Laboratories and directed the Chemistry and Life Sciences Division"


1960 (March 31) - Georgetown Hoya newspaper; Dr. MacArthur at Melpar Corp.,  "Doing research on guidance systems and solid state fuels for missiles."

Full issue of  newspaper : [HE001Y][GDrive]   

1960 (July) - Flying from Manchester (England) to NYC (USA) - Sabera flight 545

Funny/interesting stuff here: "Visiting the Bahá'í World -  by Ruhaniyyih Ruth Moffett - 1954-09"  - See [HB004I][GDrive]  

1961 (August 13)  - Marriage announced 

Marriage of Dr. Donald Malcolm MacArthur (born 1931) to Diana Lee Taylor (born 1933) ;  Two slightly different versions of announcement below 

Full page : [HN00TH][GDrive]  / Clip - [HN00TI][GDrive]  
Full page : [HN00TJ][GDrive]  / Clip - [HN00TK][GDrive

1962 (April 01) - NYTimes : "Mrs. Tschursin, Vassar Alumna, Bride in Capital; Public Relations Firm Aide Married to Dr. Donald MacArthur"

Image : [HN022A][GDrive

1964 (Aug 13)

Full newspaper page  [HN013Y][GDrive]

1964 (Sep 01) 

Full page - [HN00TN][GDrive

1964 (sep 30)

Full newspaper page : [HN0140][GDrive]

1964 (Oct 12)

Full PDF - From "Aviation Week" - [HP0039][GDrive]

1964 (oct 29)

Full newspaper page : [HN0142][GDrive]

1964 - Detailed recollection of Dr. Donald MacArthur working to defect election of Goldwater

"Science, Money, and Politics: Political Triumph and Ethical Erosion" by Daniel S. Greenberg

Each year, Congress appropriates billions of dollars for scientific research. In this book, veteran science reporter Daniel S. Greenberg takes us behind closed doors to show us who gets it, and why. What he reveals is startling: an overlooked world of false claims, pork, and cronyism, where science, money, and politics all manipulate one another.

Full chapter 10 PDF - [HB0040][GDrive]

1965 (Jan 20)

Full newspaper page : [HN0144][GDrive]

1965 (March 2) - "Water Resources Research: Hearings, Eighty-ninth Congress, First Session, on S. 22. March 2 and 3, 1965"


Water Resources Research: Hearings, Eighty-ninth Congress, First Session, on S. 22. March 2 and 3, 1965

United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs. Subcommittee on Irrigation and Reclamation

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1965 - Water resources development - 78 pages

1965 (May 9)

Full page - [HN00TL][GDrive]  

1965 (Aug 4)

Full newspaper page : [HN0146][GDrive]

1965 (Nov 17) - White House Dinner party - Princess Margaret, Earl of Snowdon

See [HI0013][GDrive]

This was Pincess Maragaret's main tour to the USA. Donald MacArthur, and his wife, were part of a very limited guest list. Also see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_Margaret,_Countess_of_Snowdon


1966 (Jan 23)

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1966 (March 23)

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1966 (June) -  Army R, D & A. Magazine, Volume 7

Full year PDF - [HP002T][GDrive]

1966 (July 19)

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1966 (July 31)

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1967  (Aril 21)

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1967 (June 11) - Traveling to Vietnam with his boss, Dr. John Foster

Full newspaper page : [HN013F][GDrive]  ;   Boss is Dr. John Stuart Foster Jr. (born 1922) , "director of defense research and engineering", traveling to Vietnam with Dr. Donald Malcolm MacArthur (born 1931)

At this time  (as described in [HN00TW][GDrive])   Dr. Donald Malcolm MacArthur (born 1931) "directs defense research and technology programs at General Dynamics/Electronics". 

Jan 1968 - With Ambassador "Jimmy" Symington 

See James Wadsworth Symington (born 1927)  (son of  William Stuart Symington III (born 1901)

Full page : [HN00T2][GDrive]  

1968 (Sep 01)

Full newspaper page : [HN013H][GDrive]

1968 (Sep 01)

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1968 (Oct 17) - Note there is a Different "Donald MacArthur" who is of "Kensington, Maryland"

note on the other MacArthur at Koppers - here, in 1951 -(  https://www.newspapers.com/image/476881090/?terms=macarthur%2Bkoppers )

Source full pages : Page 13 = [HN0148][GDrive ] /  Page 18 = [HN0149][GDrive]  / Article = [HN014A][GDrive]

1969 - June 9 - Shocking House of Representatives hearings - Did Dr. MacArthur suggest HIV was being researched ?

Full PDF, all 1969 D0D appropriations senate hearings preparing for 1970  - [HG004U][GDrive]

42 page selection with Dr. Donald MacArthur - [HG004X][GDrive]

Department of Defense Appropriations for 1970: Hearings ... Ninety-first Congress, First Session, Volume 6, Part 6

FULL Text for this section is available in the research archive here : 1969 (June 9) - USA Congress, Defense Appropriations, Chem and Bio  

United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1969

1969 (Aug 8) - Review of chemical and biological agents in Vietnam  (to Congres)

With staff of McNamara


1969 (Nov 25)

full newspaper page : [HN013L][GDrive]

1969 (Dec 18)

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1970 (Jan 26)

Full newspaper page : [HN013P][GDrive

1973 (May 23)

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1976 (June 03)

Full page - [HN00TT][GDrive

1978 (Oct 31)

Full newspaper page : [HN013T][GDrive]

1982 (Dec 25)

Full newspaper page : [HN013R][GDrive]

1988 (Feb 11)  - The San Bernardino County Sun : "Foes of germ lab question study"

Mentioned - Dr. Donald Malcolm MacArthur (born 1931)  /  Dynamac Corporation  /

 Full newspaper page : [HN012V][GDrive]  /   Clip above : [HN012W][GDrive]

1988 (May 5) - Frederick News Post : "Opponents question study on proposed warfare lab"

Full newspaper page : [HN012X][GDrive]

Mentioned  : Dr. Donald Malcolm MacArthur (born 1931)  (died Nov 27, 1988 at age 57)   /    Dynamac Corporation  /  

1988 (Dec 2) - Obituary ; Donald MacArthur Died Nov 27 1988 at the airport  (founder of Dynamac)

Source - PDF - [HN00T2][GDrive]  

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