Herman Alexander Sacks (born 1885)

Herman Alexander Sacks and Leanore


1885 - Born in "Russia"

1901 - Migrate to the USA

Age 16 ?

1910 - US Census for "Sacks" family

  • "Sacks" not "Sachs"
  • Younger brother Alexander Sachs (born 1892) still has name "Samuel" (not yet changed to "Alexander")
  • 38 (or 40?) west 117th street - Right next to 1915 address
  • Herman Sack immigrated to the USA in 1901, 3 years before his siblings
  • Sadly, mother Sarah must have passed (father "Sundel" is widowed)
  • Father here is "Sundel", not "Samuel" ... ???
  • Sister "Elinor" is here as "Lena"

Full Census Form : [HS000J][GDrive] / TRANSCRIPT : [HS000K][GDrive]

40 W 117th Street NYC - Today

Whatever was there in 1920, is not there anymore (as of 2019)

1912 (Jan) - Herman Sachs/Sacks marriage to Fannie Steinberg

Transcript - [HL001J][GDrive]

1915 NYC Census

Full image : [HS000M][GDrive]

Already have a servant !

1917 - Herman Sacks WW1 Registration

Address : 80 St. Nicholas Ave, New York City - see map below

80 St. Nicholas Ave, New York City

1918 - Sachs Steinberg : Hoisery plant

Question - Is this a Steinberg in his wife's family ?

Full Drive : [HN00J6][GDrive]


1919 - Fannie Sacks dies ?

Transcript : [HL001Q][GDrive]

Cemetery : Union Field Cemetery in Queens County, New York

1920 (April) - Memorial for Fannie (Steinberg) Sacks

Full page : [HN00I4][GDrive]

1920 (Sep) - Sylvia Sacks has Reading Trust Co. appointed as guardian

Full page : [HN00HY][GDrive]

Sylvia Sacks was born 1914 (est)

"The Reading Trust Co. was appointed guardian of Sylvia Sacks, of New York City, minor child of the late Herman A. Sacks of New York"

1922 (Sep 12) - Stock -


1922 (Aug 29) - Herman and Joseph Sacks, defendants

Full page : [HN00ID][GDrive]

1924 (Dec) - Engagement to Esther Lewis

Full page : [HN00IB][GDrive]

1925 (March 17)- wedding

Full page : [HN00I2][GDrive]

Marriage Transcript

Transcript : [HL001L][GDrive]

Marries Esther M Lewis - Born in 1902 (age 22-ish), parents Joseph Lewis and Gussie (Jacobson) Lewis ....

1925 (Summr) - New York State Census

Address - 905 West End Avenue, Manhattan, New York City

Full Sheet : [HS000O][GDrive]

1918 - 1925 - Business (ETC)

1922 "The Jewish Forum" - See [HP001H][GDrive]

Herman A. Sacks and Bro.

1922 (Sep) - "Standard American Hosiery Mills"

July thru Dec issues : [HP001F][GDrive]

1925 (Sep 27) - Daisy Whitehead Knitting Company

Full page : [HN00I8][GDrive]

1926 - Feb 25

Full page : [HN00I6][GDrive]

1926 (April)

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1930 census

Full Census Forms : [HS000Q][GDrive]

Relatives : Esther L Sacks (age 28?), Sylvia F Sacks (15? cant read..) , Marvin R Sacks (1) , Leanore Sacks (1) , Ruth Weher (???)

Herman A Sacks - Died in 1933 (is this info correct ?)

Transcript - [HL001O][GDrive]

1940 - Esther moves to Los Angeles

Esther moves to Los Angeles - she is there for 1940 census -

Full Census Form : [HS000S][GDrive]

1948 (June) - Esther married Harrold Bassim -

In June 2, May 1948 - "Esther L. Sacks" married a "Harold R. Bassim"

See California marriage records for 1948 : [HL001S][GDrive]

1973 (June 23) - Alexander Sachs (younger brother) dies

Article : [HN00HV][GDrive]

Called Roosevelt's Attention to A-Bomb Potential in 1939

Alexander Sachs, a Russian‑-born economist and the man who first interested President Franking D. Roosevelt in the possibilities of the atomic bomb, died yesterday at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. He was 79 years old and lived at 1200 Fifth Avenue. On Oct. 11,1939, Dr. Sachs read to Mr. Roosevelt a report from Albert Einstein predicting that an atomic bomb, carried by ship, could destroy an entire port complex and the surrounding area. With characteristic vigor, President Roosevelt brushed aside the hesitations of American scientists and officials, set the atomic project on its irrevocable course and pressed it toward the historic climax that came at Hiroshima after his death. When Dr. Sachs went to the President, two weeks after Poland had been crushed by the Nazis, he carried the Einstein report, buttressed by comments from Dr. Leo Szilard, and American physicist, and Prof. Enrico Fermi, a fugitive from Italian fascism.

Foresaw Nuclear Gap

Dr. Einstein and Dr. Szilard were revealed by Dr. Sachs's testimony as the first to worry about the implications for the United States of atomic energy in the hands of a hostile power. The economist told the President that the Fermi and Szilard researches were only one step ahead of those of Nazi physicists. Germany had already overrun Czechoslovakia, which had good uranium ore, and Hitler had forbidden its export. The Einstein report pointed out that the most important source of uranium was the Belgian Congo, and Dr. Sachs added that he predicted the invasion of Belgium and the possible loss of this source for the United States. President Roosevelt ordered the immediate establishment of a committee on uranium, and in February, 1940, $6,000 was allotted for the work at Columbia University.

Bush Headed Committee

In June, the committee was placed under the newly created National Defense Research Committee (later the Office of Scientific Research and Development) headed by Dr. Vannevar Bush. After Pearl Harbor, the decision was made to go all out. Dr. Sachs was born in Rossien, Russia, Aug. 1, 1893. He came to the United States in 1904 and was educated at Columbia and Harvard universities. During the nineteen-thirties, he was vice president and chief economist of the Lehman Corporation and for a time chief economist of the National Recovery Administration. Among the developments he was credited with having predicted were the 1929 depression, the 1933 banking crisis and the rise of Hitler. Surviving is his widow, the former Charlotte Cramer.

1979 (Dec 21) - Younger Joseph A Sachs passes - No mention of Herman

Article : [HN00IA][GDrive]

SACKS-Joseph A. Beloved husband of the late Florence. Devoted father of Sanford, Renee Benin and Zachary. Cherished grandfather of Sharon, David. Wendy, Benlamin and Alexander. Dear brother of Eleanor Barr. Service Sunday December 23 at 10:30 a.m. “The Riverside”, 76th St. & Amsterdam Ave.


1920 Census - NOT OUR HERMAN, this one immigrated in 1905


Married to Fannie - 3 kids ... George, Beckie, Samuel ...

1900 census


fannie steinberg born in USA - June 1896 birth ?

Brother is Barnet

1910 census https://www.findmypast.com/transcript?id=USC%2F1910%2F004972987%2F00771%2F026 <- father is Barnet, mother Rebecca, children